Tips to truly make your hair color last longer….

Tips to truly make your hair color last longer….

hair color salonThere is nothing like a splash of color on the hair to change the way you look. Hair coloring can give you a daring new style, but it can also make stress on your wallet! The longer your hair color lasts, the better return you get on your investment. Whether your hair is colored by a professional hair colorist or you dyed your hair by yourself using a coloring kit, you will surely want to make your color last longer.

How to make your hair color last longer?

It is possible to make hair color last longer. In order to maintain a good relationship with your hair color, you will have to pay a little attention over hair care and your hair color will stay with you longer. To make your hair color last longer, then check out these incredible tips!

Making hair color last

Pick the right hair color: Picking the right hair color brand is as much important as the right hue for hair. A branded hair color lasts longer than local and cheap hair color. Along with, long lasting property, branded hair colors do not damage your natural hair at all.

Use color friendly shampoos: Pick shampoos and conditioners which contain color-protecting ingredients. Such shampoos and conditioners will not wash off your hair color. Also, too much shampooing can drain the hair color. So, tackle hair wash smartly.

Deep conditioning: The chemicals present in the hair colors make hair porous and have a drying effect, so keep your hair soft, smooth and healthy through deep conditioning.

Avoid hot showers: Yes, if you want your hair color last longer, then you will have to avoid hot showers. The hot water opens up cuticle of your hair, which releases your precious color and moisture.

Swim Smarter: While swimming you should protect your hair from sun and chlorine. For this purpose you can use SPF hair protector.

Choose good hair color salon: Getting hair professionally colored has many advantages. The professional hair colorists in hair color salons use top quality hair color and take all necessary pre-hair coloring measures. This can help in making your hair color last longer.

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