Five things which might be damaging your hair extensions

Five things which might be damaging your hair extensions

If you are looking for an effective way to increase the volume of your hair, then there is no better alternative to the hairdreams hair extensions. They are silky soft, flexible and slips between your fingers like a fine muslin. But do you know there are some environmental hazards as well as caring mistakes, which might be damaging the cuticles of your favourite human hair extensions?

Pollution and dirt is turning your extensions dull and dry:

Be it your natural hair or the sally’s hair extensions, nothing is more harmful to them than cigarette smoke, smog or car exhausts. Almost all forms of fumes and smokes pose serious threats to your hair because of the harmful drying aids like coal, acids, ash and tar. In order to combat this problem, you should reduce smoking and wash your extensions two to three times a week, especially if you reside in a highly polluted zone. You can also try to rotate your hair extensions every time you install it in your hair to reduce the damage.

Prevent bacterial growth by drying it properly:

When it comes to washing the human hair extensions, many people go overboard. However, it is essential not only to wash them regularly, but also to dry them adequately before storing them. Storing them while they are still wet can encourage bacteria sprout exactly like your natural hair. To ensure that each strand is properly dried, separate them before blow drying. Press them with your fingers, to cross-examine them for a slight hint of wetness.

Under-washing not only makes your hair smell bad but also makes it fragile:

You have got a new hairstyle and you want to keep it intact for a long time? Make sure you ask your stylist about the duration of the hairstyle, because leaving your locks unwashed for a long time, not only makes your hair look dirty and smell foul, but also accommodates dirt, leading it to dull, lifeless and fragile strands.

Coarse hair care products can dry them up:

Shampoos and conditioners that comprises of alcohol, phosphates, mineral oil or phosphates tend to rip off the moisture and natural oils from the extensions and leave them dry and fragile. Opt for gentle cleansers, by checking the product labels for the ingredients or consult your hair stylists to pick the right products.

Using improper tools and rough handling can pull off the layers:

Subjecting your Fusion hair extensions to rough handling can damage the cuticles and pull out the layers of the extensions. Brush them gently, by supporting the hair bond with your fingers. Adjust the heating tools carefully, to the optimal temperature, before styling your hair.


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