Hair Care Routine That is Damaging Your Hair

Hair Care Routine That is Damaging Your Hair

Your hair needs a well thought out hair care routine to stay healthy and look good all year. Your hair stylist at the hair salons Potomac will help you come up with a regimen that will help you take care of your hair. Whether you are wearing human hair extensions or Japanese hair straightening techniques makes sure that you have the regimen that nourishes your hair. In this post, we highlight habits that are causing damage to your and the preventive measure you should carry out.

Ways you are damaging your Hair Without knowing

  • Too Much Washing and Brushing Wet Hair

Whether you are wearing hair extensions or your natural hair, too much washing will cause your hair to dry out. Too much shampoo will remove the oil on your human hair extension and your natural leaving the hair dry and brittle. When hair is wet the shaft is weak and if you brush that will result in breakage.


Minimize the number of times you wash your hair. Use dry shampoos to clean your hair and avoid any shampoo that contains sulfates or any ingredient that can result in hair drying. avoid brushing your hair when its wet.

  • Too Much Heat

Too much heat during the Japanese permanent straightening will cause your hair to dry out. Blow drying your hair too often will also cause your hair to be dry and brittle. Too much heat will cause chipping in the hair cuticle and that will lead to split ends. The hair stylist will advise you on how often you should blowdry your hair to avoid making it dry, brittle and causing hair breakage.


When applying Japanese permanent hair straightening visit the hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist do the treatment. The stylist will be able to apply just the required heat. After washing your hair, air dry the hair instead of blow-drying. If you have to use heat on your hair, make sure you apply a heat protective mask and turn down the heating tool temperature to minimize damage to your hair. The hair stylist will guide you on how to start a hair care routine that will ensure your hair is healthy

  • Too Many Chemicals

Constant use of hair straightening treatments on your hair will cause the hair strands to become weak and break. Wrong application of straightening and smoothing treatment will also lead to damage. Use of too much treatment during the Japanese permanent hair straightening treatment will lead to hair damage.


It’s imperative that you let the expert at the hair straightening salon apply the smoothing and straightening treatment to avoid hair damage. Visit the top-rated hair salon and let the hair stylist apply the treatment as they are able to assess your hair and know how much treatment your hair requires. Give your hair time before application of the straightening treatments.

  • Tight Hairstyles that Stress Your Hair Follicles

Tight hairstyles will tension on the hair follicles and that will result in damage. Too much tension on the hair will cause the hair to break. Hair is elastic, but poor elasticity will cause hair to break at the weak points. Poorly fixed clips it will pull the hair and cause breakage. Tight hairstyle will cause tension on the hair follicles leading to damage.


Avoid tight hairstyles, instead, use protective hairstyles on your hair. Protective hairstyles such as hair extensions will give your hair a break. Consult the hair extension stylist on how to fix clip in hair extensions to avoid clips from damaging your hair.

Tips to Ensure your Hair is Healthy

  • Always keep your beauty tools clean. Ensure your brush, straighteners, curling irons and combs are clean.
  • Invest in silk pillowcases as cotton ones will suck moisture out of your hair
  • Protect your hair against the harsh UV rays
  • Make sure you eat Healthily
  • Avoid yanking your hair as you comb, or blow dry it. Be gentle to avoid tension on your hair follicles.

A poor hair care routine will result in hair damage. Visit the hair salons and consult the top rated hair stylist on how best to take care of your hair. If you are wearing human hair extensions visit the hair extension salon and discuss hair regimen that suits you. Ensure that you follow the regimen given diligently.

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