Hair Color Trends You Need to Know Before Your Fall Appointment..!

Hair Color Trends You Need to Know Before Your Fall Appointment..!

hair colors and highlightsFall has almost arrived! Getting new hair color and hairstyle is the best approach to welcome the new season with confidence. Fall is the best time for the next hair color move. This season is lit with new hair hues to try. Celebrities have already changed their hair colors and highlights to cope up with the blissful colors of the season. Now it’s you turn to try some peppy hair colors.

Hair Colors To Try This Fall

There are plenty of hair colors trending these days, and they may sound strange to new people! Well, no one expects you to be a professional hair stylist when you call to make a hair color appointment at the hair color salon. But if you have knowledge about trending hair colors, choosing the right hair colors and highlights for yourself will become really very easy. So, before you book your appointment in the hair color salon, check out these hot new hair colors.

Must have hair colors

Bronde: Bronde is going to be the most-talked hair color of fall 2015. This low maintenance hair color is a soft blend of blonde and brunette. It is the best hair hue for girls who are willing to get the new hair look but don’t want to take the risk. Celebrities like Lily James, Cara Delevinge, Diane Kruger etc. are gracefully wearing the bronde.

Colored-Blocked Roots: This multi-toned hair color is trending these days. Colored-blocked roots provide a new dimension to hair. It is cool and casual hair color. Girls from all age groups can try this hair color because it is way easier to get. Simply add lowlights to roots and subtle colored highlights at the ends. In order to get more idea about Colored-Blocked Roots, you can check out the celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Madonna.

Lived-In Highlights: These days, lived-in highlights have become the first choice of all the celebrity hairstylists. It is because this highlight looks good on everyone.

Burnt Auburn: Do you want to look glamorous? Are you looking for apt hue to color your curls? Well, if your answer is YES, then you should try Burnt Auburn. This hair color can dramatically change your personality.

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