Hair Extension Not A New Thing!

Hair Extension Not A New Thing!


hair extensionsUsing hair extensions is not a latest trend, it has a history behind; in the Egyptian era both men and women used to put wigs. In the mid Victorian era the hair pieces were used more extensively and in early 20th century Edwardian women used to wear false hair addition to creating a pompadour hairstyle. In 1940’s long hair came into fashion and women started indulging in hair pieces. Then is 1960’s big hair became a trend again; coils were the in thing, this was created by human hair pieces which were very extravagant. Wigs also became a trend for those who liked to flaunt long or bouncy hair; these were made of real or artificial hairs. At this time wigs and hair pieces were an expensive choice, which were used mostly by rich people.

New age hair extension

By 1990’s hair extension and wigs became much more affordable to people, so, many people started using wigs to hide short hairs and extensions to make the hair look long. Celebrity Victoria Beckham was among the first ones who brought in the trend of hair extensions in fashion. After every few days she used to have different hair styles; sometimes long hairs, sometimes short which were created using hair extensions. This made the hair extensions very popular and a lot of people started using these for styling or for other reasons. These were now made of synthetic or gorgeous European natural hairs which could be used on different occasions.

Permanent hair extensions

People use extensions for different reasons. Women of all ages use hair extensions these days, right from young girls who use extensions for styling or for making hairs look long for old women who use extensions for replacing thinning hair. These days permanent hair extension is also done but these are expensive and last for upto around 4 months.  There are also clip-on hair extensions which are used; these come in different variety of colors and length. Clip-on hair extensions are easy to use and if you get right color clip-on for your hair, no one will know that your hairs are not real. You can use any color hair extension to match your dress or for funky look.

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