Hair Extensions Coloring Guide

Hair Extensions Coloring Guide

Hair color and highlights will give your hair extensions a new look. It’s however important to ensure that the coloring is done professionally to prevent damage to your extensions. Hair extensions are an investment, and you don’t want to damage it. You need to ensure that your extensions is colored by an expert at the salon that do hair extensions. In this article, we look at human hair extensions coloring guide to follow. It’s best to visit the hair salon specializing in color and the expert color your hair extensions.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Hair Color

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the hair color you choose. Hair color is meant to make you look good and feel great about it
  • Consider eye and skin color

Consider the color of your skin and eyes and choose an extension that matches.

  • Care and Maintenance

Very bright colors will require more maintenance than colors that look like your skin. With bright colors, you will need to reapply the extensions after the tiniest growth.

Hair Extensions Coloring Guide

Below are tips to follow when coloring your hair extensions.

  • Begin with semi or demi-permanent

It’s best, to begin with, colors that are not permanent because that gives you a chance to change the hair color after a few weeks if you don’t like it. Permanent hair colors will cause the cuticles to be lifted causing extensions to be dry.

  • Consider the skin tone

It’s best to consider your skin tone. The hair stylist will help you choose the right color for your extensions. Make sure the color you choose compliments your skin tone.

  • Develop a regimen

It’s important to ensure that your hair extensions are hydrated. Make sure that you avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and alcohol because they will make your extensions dry. Minimize use of heat tools on the extensions to prevent your hair extensions from drying and breaking.

  • Use high-quality hair color and highlights

Poor quality hair color may bleach your extensions and it’s important to visit the hair extensions salon and get high-quality hair color.

  • Avoid washing your color treated hair color often.

It’s important to keep your extensions clean but doesn’t over wash it. Washing your hair too often will make the extensions dry, and that will lead to damage.

  • Visit the hair Salon and let the expert hair stylist color your extensions

It’s important to ensure that a professional does the hair coloring at the hair salon specializing in color. A hair stylist will ensure that the color doesn’t damage your hair extensions.

Mistakes to Avoid when Coloring Hair Extensions

  • Avoid drastic hair color changes because that may damage your extensions. Make sure that any hair color correction is done at the hair correction salon.
  • Trying to do the Hair coloring yourself

Doing the hair coloring and highlighting yourself could damage your hair extensions. It’s best to let the hair color and highlights expert color your extensions.

  • Failure to follow care instructions

It’s important to follow hair extensions care given at the hair salon. Failure to take care of the extensions may damage the extensions.

  • Use low-quality hair  extensions color

Make sure that the hair color you use is of high quality. Low-quality color may damage your hair extensions

  • Colouring low-quality hair extensions

It’s important to ensure that the human hair extensions you use are of high quality. Colouring low-quality hair extensions will damage it.

How to take care of your Hair Extensions after Coloring

  • Shampoo your human extensions less often to keep the color.  Deep condition your hair extensions more often to keep it hydrated. Use products that are meant for color treated extensions. Deep conditioning will keep your extensions hydrated and shiny.
  • Protect the extensions from harsh Uv rays. The UV rays will make the color fade.
  • Avoid washing the extensions with hot water
  • Minimize the use of heat on the colored extensions
  • Avoid exposing your extensions to chlorine to avoid drying your extensions

Colour treated hair extensions will give you a new look. It’s imperative that you take care of the extensions after coloring to prevent dryness and tangling. Consult the expert at the hair extensions salon Rockville on how to take care of the extensions. Develop a regimen that will work for your extensions.

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