Things You Can Do to Prevent Winter Hair Damage

Things You Can Do to Prevent Winter Hair Damage

Winter will wreck your hair, and you need to develop the right regimen to protect and keep your hair healthy. The cold outside and the heat inside may damage your hair and it’s imperative that you care for your hair properly. Your hair may become weak leading to split ends and breakage. To keep your hair looking good especially during winter, you need to visit the hair straightening salon Rockville for the expert stylist to assess your hair and advice you how to maintain it. In this article, we look at how you can keep your straightened hair strong and amazing throughout this cold season.

How to Prevent Hair Damage During Winter

  • Shampoo your hair less often

While shampooing will keep your hair clean, it may deprive your hair of essential hair oils. It’s therefore important to minimize the number of times you shampoo your hair. The hair stylist at the keratin treatment salon will guide you on how often you should shampoo your hair. Make sure you use the right type of shampoo for your hair. Shampoo that contains sulfates and alcohol can cause your hair to become dry.

  • Condition your hair often

You need to keep your hair moisturized. Straightened hair is prone to breakage and split ends. It’s crucial to ensure your hair is moisturized. Invest in an oil-based moisturizer to lock in moisture. In winter there is little moisture in the air, and that will make the hair dry off. The hair stylist will guide you on the best conditioner for your hair. Combat static with a good hair conditioner. Follow the winter hair care advice given by the hair stylist.

  • Reduce heat styling

Too much heat will make your hair dry and cause split ends. In case you have to use on your make sure you use a heat protector. It’s best to give your hair time off the heat styling during winter. If you need to style your hair visit the brazilian keratin straightening salon and let the expert straighten your hair.

  • Don’t go out with damp hair

Going out when your is damp will put your hair at the risk of breakage. The hair shaft will expand leading to loss of moisture and result in breakage. If you have colored your hair, loss of moisture will result in the color fade. Take time to dry your hair.

  • Invest in silk or satin hat

Cover your hair with a silk or satin hat. Hats made of wool or cotton will cause split ends and breakage. Make sure you invest in a hat that is lined with satin or silk. Moisturize your hair before wearing that, and that will prevent your hair from tangling.

  • Use dry shampoo to keep your hair from becoming limp

Your hair is likely to become limp especially after covering it the whole day. Dry shampoo can help your hair become more full and robust.

  • Keep your hair and scalp oiled to preserve moisture

The heat indoors will make your hair dry and lose moisture. Make sure you oil your hair and that will keep your hair moisturized. Oils will keep your moisturized, and that will prevent breakage.

  • Use darker hair colors during winter

Darker hair colors are ideal during winter because they don’t need to constant recoloring and highlighting. Hair coloring and highlighting may make your hair to become drier and its, therefore, best to avoid coloring. Darker hair color shades don’t require recoloring often, and that will  ensure that your hair is not damaged by too many chemicals

  • Take a lot of water

Drinking water will encourage hair growth, and that will keep your scalp from becoming dry. Drinking enough water will keep your hair from split ends and make your hair shiny and radiant.

The dry and cold winter air condition will make your hair frizzy, dry and dull. The exposure to the cold weather and the heat indoors is a recipe for dry and dull hair. Failure to care for your hair will lead to hair breakage. It’s important to ensure that you follow the right regimen to keep your hair hydrated. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon often for the stylist to assess your hair. Consult on how best to manage the hair. Invest in products that will nourish and keep your hair hydrated. You need to combat hair dryness by following the right hair regimen. It’s best to come up with a hair care routine for the winter season.

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