Hair Straightening or Hair Smoothing; What’s Suits Your Hair

Hair Straightening or Hair Smoothing; What’s Suits Your Hair

Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening are both methods that will help you manage frizzy, coarse and curly hair. If you have curls that show up even after brushing, it may not be easy to manage the hair. A hair care plan will help ease the curls but if your hair is stubborn it may not work. The keratin treatment and Japanese straightening methods are both remedies for unmanageable hair, but which one is the most appropriate for your hair? Its imperative that you visit the permanent hair straightening salons and consult with the hair stylist which of the two processes best suits your hair. We dive deep and tell you the difference between hair smoothing and hair straightening

Difference Between Hair Smoothing and Straightening

  • Hair Smoothing

Brazilian keratin treatment involves saturating your hair with a keratin treatment and then flat ironing the hair. The natural hair contains keratin which helps keep the hair straight and shiny, but due to various reasons such as stress, diet, and chemicals the keratin content decreases making the hair frizzy, dry and tangled. When you visit the Brazilian keratin salon, the hairstylist will add a coating of the keratin treatment after shampooing the hair leaving your hair soft and silky. The treatment will last up to 6 months and your hair returns to its original structure. Proper hair care will determine how long the keratin treatment will last.

Advantages of the Keratin treatment.

  • The keratin treatment is applied and the flat iron is used to seal the formula into the hair creating a moisture barrier and this reduces frizz making your hair smooth and soft.
  • The treatment is not damaging to the hair and will not open the hair cuticle
  • It takes a short time to apply as compared to the straightening techniques
  • The major advantage of this method is that the hair will come back to its natural state.
  • Makes the hair silky, soft and manageable
  • It has no side effects and provides extra protection from the sun and pollution
  • Keratin treatment by the hair stylist will give you professional results and ensure there is no damage to the hair.


  • Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening changes the structure of the hair bonds to give the straight hair. The process uses chemicals that completely break the bonds in your hair shaft, then heat is applied to change the structure of your hair. The stylist at the Japanese hair straightening salon will ensure that even the curliest hair is straightened. The hair stylist will apply the chemical to the hair and let it rest for 15-20 minutes and during that time the cysteine hair bonds are broken down. After the chemical, the hair is then subjected to heat and then more chemicals are added.

Japanese hair straightening done at the hair straightening salons may take 6 to 8 hours and last up to 7 months before the next hair touch up. Its important for the top-rated hair stylist to analyze your hair for best results.

Advantages of Hair straightening

  • Works for most kind of hair even the curliest
  • Makes it easy to manage difficulty hair

If your hair has previously been subjected to chemicals then the Japanese hair straightening method may cause damage to your hair. It’s also important that you review all the options because once the chemical is applied to your hair, you can’t regain the old hair structure. The hair straightening has to be done at the Japanese hair straightening salon to minimize chances of hair damage. Too much heat during the process will cause untold damage to your hair and it’s therefore important that the chemical is applied by the hair stylist.

Why you should Choose Hair smoothening over hair straightening

  • If your hair is not healthy enough to handle hair straightening, then hair smoothing will give you frizz-free hair.
  • Hair smoothing is temporary and the hair won’t look pin straight and there is minimal damage.
  • Hair smoothing allows you to regain the hair structure after a few months.
  • When Hair straightening is the Perfect Option
  • Works well when your hair is extremely thick, kinky and curly as this will make the hair frizz free

What’s your Choice?

The technique you choose depends on your hair type. Consult the hair stylist at the hair straightening salon Rockville on which method suits your hair. And with the information above now, you can make a more informed decision.


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