How Often Do You Really Need to Get a Haircut?

How Often Do You Really Need to Get a Haircut?

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When you cannot disguise the dry ends with hair oil. When you cannot hide the split ends. When hair conditioning stops working at the ends of your hair. When no hairstyle suits you….. understand that it’s time to visit the best hair salon and get a new haircut. In order to keep hair in good condition and make them look beautiful all the time, it is very much important to get haircut time to time. You will not be able to tame your manes for a long period of time without hair trimming. And hairstyling will become really very difficult task.

A guide to haircutting and hairstyling

Different hair types have different haircutting requirements. You need to schedule your haircutting appointment as per condition of your hair. Many people say that you should cut your hair in every 6 to 8 weeks, but a general rule cannot be applicable to all hair lengths and hair textures.

Hair cutting schedule

If you have curly hair: Girls who have long and curly hair should consider getting haircut in every 12 weeks. As compared to straight hair, curly hair does not get split ends easily. Still hair becomes dry from the ends after some time.

If you have virgin hair: Unprocessed hair is the healthiest form of hair. In case, your hair has not been treated with any sort of chemicals before, you can get haircut after 12 weeks. Virgin hair does not become dry or get split easily.

If you have long straight hair:  People having uniform-length hair should consider getting haircut in every 8 weeks. No matter how much care you provide to your hair, straight hair are likely to get damaged by heat and styling products. You can preserve the beauty of your natural straight hair with hair trimming.

If you have layered haircut: Layered haircuts require more maintenance than regular haircuts. In order to maintain the hairstyle, you need to get haircut in every 6 weeks. The hair trimming is required to make layers visible.

If you have bob or lob: Bob is a superb hairstyle for confident girls. In order to maintain the look, you should opt for getting a haircut in every 6 weeks. Do remember to find the best hairstylist for short haircut before opting for haircut.

If you have fine or wavy hair: Fine hair gets damaged easily. They get dry end, split ends etc. in sometime. Thus, consider getting haircut in every 4 weeks.

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