Let’s Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

Let’s Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

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Today, social media is flooded with beauty and hair inspirations. Maximum beauty bloggers and instagram models use hair extensions to make amazingly beautiful hairstyles. Well, hair extension is one of those magical hair accessories that can give you the hair of your dreams within minutes. It is possible to get lush and long hair like beauty bloggers with the help of hair extensions.

Facts about hair extensions

Yes, hair extensions can provide you the thicker, fuller and longer hair, and even give a quick color make over, but are they really worth the money, effort and time? Let’s find out before you schedule appointment to hair salon.

  • Hair extensions are not just for increasing hair length. You can use this hair accessory to increase volume, change hair texture, play with different hair colors and length, and try different hairstyles.
  • Hair extensions are available in plenty of colors and textures. It means you can find one that will perfectly amalgamate with your real hair, and no one will be able to distinguish.
  • It is very much important to pay attention over hair extension installation. You need to install extensions in a manner that their roots won’t be exposed.
  • Hair extensions come in various price ranges, from cheapest synthetic hair extensions (made from fiber) to human hair extension (made from natural hair) to virgin hair extensions (hair that has not been exposed to chemicals). You can choose one according to your requirements and budget.
  • There are many ways in which hair extensions can be installed, such as clip-in (attach hair with clips), tap-in (attach extensions using taps), keratin bonding (extensions are attached to hair using keratin bond), weave in (hair extensions are weaved with natural hair), and many more.
  • With hair extensions on, it is important to pay attention before exposing hair to water.
  • Hair extensions should be washed, conditioned, combed and stored properly to avoid hair tangling. They shouldn’t be stored without combing.
  • It is possible to cut, color and style hair extensions to match them with your natural hair.
  • Hair extension services are offered in many hair extension salons. The hair experts will help you in choosing the best extensions and installation style.
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