How to blend hair extensions with two different colors?

How to blend hair extensions with two different colors?

hair extensionsHair extensions make short or thin hair thickness and long. Choosing the hair color and highlights is as vital as application of extension on the scalp. The application of unmatching hair extensions gives appearance of unnatural hair which makes it important to blend the extensions and give a natural appearance. The use of two different shades of human hair extensions confirms that hair will give a natural look.

Create a perfect look

Many of us have multiple colors in natural hair color or foil in highlights or lowlights to give dimension and depth to our hair. Unless, we use a solid color in processing at hair salons from a box, we may not have hair in one single and solid color. In such cases, 2 hair color extensions are better to blend. This method also helps to create dramatic highlights or lowlights throughout our hair and hair extensions.


  • Select a color that matches with natural hair color. Find out another color that’s one shade dark or light from your natural hair color by exploring a hair color chart available at most of the hair salons. You can also blend in bold streaks of color with the help of colored strands or alternate color. The use of auburn when blends into brown color hair give a copper sheen.
  • Choose two-tone reversible extensions to stay away from buying two different colors extensions and maintain them. The reversible highlights are available in two colors. A half portion of hair weft comes in a lighter shade and another with a darker low-light. The inner side of the weft has coordinating colors and the main color is dark while lighter color is preferred choice for highlight.
  • Interchange hair wefts available in different shades to get a highlighted effect. For instance, keep the dark colored hair weft at the back of your neck. Afterwards, clip in the light shade above the darker shade and rotate these colors till the installation of the hair weft.
  • Prefer clip in dark shades hair wefts at the bottom of the head and lighter shade wefts towards the upper side. This will make your hair look natural as natural hair illuminates when lightened by sun.
  • Reciprocate each side of your weft while using two-color hair extensions. This helps to blend the hair in the best way. Start using the highlighted portion at the back of the neck. Clip in hair extensions on the top of the highlighted area. Rotate each side till all extensions are fixed properly.
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