How to Care For Human Hair Extensions

How to Care For Human Hair Extensions

hair extensionsHair extensions can be an instant way to add length and thickness. Whether you’re trying to grow your hair long or want a daring look for a special occasion, the versatility of hair extensions makes them a popular choice among many. With huge choice of extensions and application methods, be sure to stay educated and choose your style. Hairdreams hair extensions can be used to add highlights, thickness or just want to make your hair longer. It helps to improve the overall look. Following some basic hair care tips helps to make extensions last for long time and get your money’s worth.

Tips to Care For Human Hair Extensions

Be gentle

Treat your hair extensions gently and use a special brush available in beauty stores to protect your extensions from damage. Give right type of treatment in case of any hair problems.

Wash with moisturizing hair care products

The use of such products is even more important if you are using clip-in extensions because the hair will not get any of the moisture from the natural oils of the scalp. Adequate moisture keeps hair healthy. Use of a serum is recommended to get shine. Choose a good serum as some of the hair care products that bring shine have a drying effect on hair.

Deep Conditioning

Make sure to do deep conditioning once in a week and leave it on the hair for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and rinse off properly. Giving your hair extra conditioning gives moisturizing boost.

Timely Trimming

Keep ends trimmed properly and timely. All types of hair extensions get split ends after sometime. The best way to get rid of splits is to regularly trim them with an interval of 6 to 10 weeks. Avoid trimming them too much or too frequently as this might lead to decrease in the length of your hair. It is best to visit hair salons for proper trimming and hair care.

Use a heat protectant

These days, almost every one of us uses electrical appliances on our hair. Whether it’s a blow dryer, hair straightner or curling iron, all of them damage your hair. If you want to make your hair extensions last for a longer period then use a heat protectant before using any heated appliance. All reputed hair straightening salons uses heat protectant to prevent damage. This simple measure helps to prevent breakage and keep your hair locks gives a great look.

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