How to Choose the Best Hair Cut for Your Face

How to Choose the Best Hair Cut for Your Face

Similar to your clothes, you need a haircut that matches the shape of your face. However, unlike all your clothes, you cannot just have a crappy haircut because you will wear it every day. That is the reason why, before getting a haircut, you should know the best one for you. More so, you will go to a Brazilian blowout salon because you still need the perfect hairstyle. The extra inch or even half of that makes all the difference.

Regardless if you look for haircuts for rectangular or long faces, heart-shaped faces, square faces, and more, you will find something. You cannot just tell the stylist to just try anything because you will wear that hairstyle every day. Read on.

Determining Your Face Shape

People have distinct faces. They are mainly categorized into six: long, oval, diamond, round, square, and heart-shaped. In case you cannot tell by looking in the mirror what shape your face is, these are the categories you can choose from.

In case you try that and are still unsure about the shape of your face, there is a chance that they do not really matter. The beauty advice regarding face shapes is mainly designed for women who have strong features that they are looking to downplay, like the ones with distinctly square, round, heart-shaped, or long faces.

Measure Your Face

Forehead ­­– Measure your face across from the peak of your eyebrow arch up to the peak of your opposite arch.

Jawline – Measure coming from the tip of your chin until below your ear at the point where your jaw starts to angle upwards. Multiply the result by two to get the jawline measurement.

Cheekbones – Measure across the cheekbones, starting and ending at the pointiest part of your face and below the outer corner of your eye.

Face length – Measure coming from the center of the hairline to the tip of your chin.


The type and hair texture plays a huge role in finding your style. You can understand what your hair can do naturally and what you want to do to keep looking desirable.

The volume and texture should be taken into consideration and they help add height and width to your hair, but they can be your worst enemy if you want to elongate your face.

For instance, if you have a round face and medium texture, you want to stay away from round styles that accentuate your features. Choose styles that keep you away from accenting your jawline, and turn the focus on your collar and neckbone. If you want a shorter hair look, keep the sides short to avoid adding to the roundness of your cheeks and forehead.

Best Face Shape for Men

In general, the square face shape is considered to be the most masculine among the different face shapes because of the jawline angles. The most common is the over-shape.

Hair Type

Fine – In general, thin hair should have the least layering, so you should keep things short and blunt. The blunt bob has limited texture and layers in order to maintain strength in your hair length.

Medium ­­­­– It is possible to have a variety of lengths here, and the texture is ideal to help with the movement and minimal removal of the weight.

Thick – Styles vary based on the type of hair or texture. You are allowed to get away with a lot of layering, while layers help with the removal of eight, density, and everyday styling.

You can go to a balayage salon Potomac anytime to get the best haircut for the shape of your face.

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