How to Protect Your Hair Color in the Pool

How to Protect Your Hair Color in the Pool

Summer is the only season when you should stress over how you can protect color-treated hair while in the pool. The humidity, heat, and sun can cause the same damage to your hair.

Obviously, it is because of chlorine. The entire thing about blonde hair turning green is not a hoax. Aside from that, the chemical element sucks moisture from hair, leaving it dry, tangled, and brittle. There are other culprits that cause damage and color fading, such as UV rays from the sun which break down dye molecules.

If you just went to a keratin treatment salon, you should know how to protect your hair while in the pool. Find out more now:

Presoak Your Hair

Do you know that outdoor showers are normally located at local pools? They are there to be used. When you wet your hair with clean, fresh water before you jump into the pool gives it less tendency to absorb water, which helps prevent dryness and damage. When you go to a friend’s house, you probably want to shower right away. You can use a bottle of purified water on your hair, and that will work just fine.

Pre-swim Conditioner

The majority of people use conditioners after they swim, but if you use them before getting inside the pool, it creates a protective layer around your hair extensions. This way, it can minimize chlorine exposure and prevent chlorine from attaching to your hair, causing damage.

Use Shampoo Right Away

You are probably very tired, and you just want to rest at the end of the day when pool time or beach time ends. It is important to resist the urge to go from the water to whatever your next plans are, while colorists recommend dedicating time to washing away any chemicals or drying sea salt from your hair. Different colors need certain shampoos and conditioners to provide the right protection.

Apply SPF

Just as your hair requires sun protection, which is the same for your hair. You will need hair-specific sunscreens because they are unlike regular SPF which is too greasy and heavy for strands. The hair-specific sunscreens are lightweight, safe, and easy to use on the hair. They are also effective when it comes to blocking the damaging effects of the sun and chemically-treated water. Look for products that have UVA and UVB filters, such as anti-aging and color protection hair products. When you use it with customizable shampoo, conditioner, or also a leave-in formula, it can defend hair against harsh rays and chemical damage. At the same time, they will extend the life of your hair color.

Put a Swim Cap On

The purpose of a swim cap is to lessen chlorinated water exposure, so if you wear a swim cap, you can add another protective layer to your hair. In addition, when you combine the swim cap with soaked hair, it creates a tighter seal around the head.

Tie it Up

The way you wear hair on the beach or pool can have a huge effect on hair maintenance. You should keep your head out of the water, and make sure you do not wet your hair. The topknot, cute bun, or braid will prevent your strands from getting soaked in the pool water while you float around and start wading.

Oil Up

Lather your hair in rich oil like coconut or argan before that. The oil helps create a slippery barrier that goes between strands and harmful water while providing an added layer of nourishment and moisture.

This is how you protect color-treated hair while in the pool. Now, you can try keratin treatment by hairstylist Potomac anytime.

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