How to Get Your Hair Ready for Japanese Straightening Treatment

How to Get Your Hair Ready for Japanese Straightening Treatment

The way you want to wear your hair is entirely your choice. If you choose to straighten your hair regularly, and you have exhausted your arm and flat iron, you might want to try something that is more permanent. One of them is trying the services of a salon.

There are different methods when it comes to semi-permanent hair straightening, and the Japanese version is the one that dominates different parts of the world. Sleek and healthy looking, your hair tresses will love the look and effect it has on everything around you. if you want to get rid of that frizz, minimize the heaviness from long and thick hair, and then smoothen out those curls. The viable option is going to a permanent hair straightening salon.

What is it?

Japanese hair straightening or thermal reconditioning is a treatment that is permanent and it removes about 70 to 90% of hair volume, curls, and frizz. It will chemically restructure your hair bonds. The process plays out like this: First, the solution can be applied to your hair to break its bonds chemically to straighten and soften it. After that, your hair is rinsed, then blow-dried, and flat-ironed in order to lock in shine and smoothness. Then, the neutralizer comes and helps in restoring the pH levels and bonds of your hair. Lastly, your hair is rinsed again, blow-dried, and then flat-ironed.

Benefits of Japanese Hair Straightening

You can reap a lot of benefits from Japanese hair straightening, but the main one is obvious:

  • Beautiful pin-straight hair with no crease or curl that can last longer than the majority of straightening methods
  • Glossy, silky look that lasts for a long time, with very little to no maintenance
  • No frizzing even if there are elements
  • You will appear healthier like how collagen boosts were given to strands
  • Your hair is going to remain straight during and after the shower and it should be perfect to swim with

There are a lot of reasons to acquire a Japanese straightening treatment, but make sure that you should do this before you embark on that journey.

Can Japanese Hair Straightening be Undone

With thermal reconditioning, the hair that was treated is straightened permanently, and it will not wash out or wear off through time. If you change your decision, you cannot edit or undo it. The only option is to grow it out and then cut off the treated sections. In order to ease and smoothen the growing-out process to help with time and frizz using your hair dryer, you can try a keratin treatment.

Prepare for the Costs

Depending on where you go to have your hair done, the process of Japanese hair straightening costs you about $400 to $900 in urban settlements and large cities. The more rural salon offers it for as low as $150. The average is normally $400. The prices will differ according to brand names and popularity, but mostly on the length of hair. The majority of salons have their price lists set on their websites.

Where Should You Have It Done?

You need to find a licensed and reputable salon. Generally, you should start hunting for the right salon in big cities. A lot of experienced hair stylists have the tendency to gravitate towards pricier and popular salons in the major metro areas, but that is not always true.

Make sure to check testimonials and reviews, and before and after pictures. You should not forget to get a strand test first.

Once you are ready, you can visit Brazilian keratin salon Potomac because they also offer other straightening treatments.

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