How to Avoid Dry Hair During the Winter

How to Avoid Dry Hair During the Winter

If there is winter where you live, then you are most likely familiar with its effect on your hair. Whether you just got Brazilian keratin straightening treatment or not, you are aware of how harsh winter is on your hair. Similar to skin, your hair requires protection from the cold so that it remains soft and healthy. Remember to defend your tresses that come from arctic air, static electricity, whipping winds, and indoor heat. You might want to have beautiful locks to show off in spring.

Breakage is not only in the summertime because it is as bad in the winter and no matter which hair type you have. if you want to have a beautiful mane, you should take a few precautions.

You Should Shampoo Less Often

Skin plaques can smother your scalp, which causes itching, and flakes, and it smothers growth as well. Shampoo less often. When you have flakes and severe issues with your scalp, you can try a dandruff solution. It is perfect even for fine or oily hair because it can cleanse without weighing your hair down. You should watch your diet and manage stress like good solutions for scalp concerns.

Wear a Hat

You should cover your hair in the winter months to protect it from dry air moisture, rain, snow, and wind. This is not when you should worry about your hat hair. The elements will dry out your hair, which makes it more prone to breakage.

Cotton, wool, and other fabrics cause breakage, so you should make sure to line the hat with satin or silk to help in damage prevention. You should fight static electricity under your hair when you use a dry oil spray. Dry oils have no weight and contain natural oils to add moisture to your hair, which brings back the shine.

Wash Your Hair Less

You can change your hair care routine. When you overwash your hair, the natural oils get stripped off that keep your hair protected and moisturized. This is more important than before in the colder months. Having less shampoo means there is more moisture. In case you are vulnerable to a dry and itchy scalp in the winter, you should try cleansing less. You can opt for dry shampoo if your hair requires a lift between washes.

Stay Away from Heat Styling

When you allow your hair to try, that is best. Blow drying can draw the moisture out of your hair which increases the possibility of breakage. Heat-free drying can keep your hair healthy and shiny. If you do not have the time, try showering in the evening so that your tresses will dry naturally overnight. You can embrace your natural hair and dry it whenever you can. If you have delicate hair in the colder months, heat styling will amplify the issue and it sucks moisture from your strands. You should refrain from curling or straightening your hair in the winter. This time can be used to explore new twists, styles, buns, and braids.

Trim Your Hair Regularly to Avoid Split Ends

You should get a regular trim. Since the ends of your hair will most likely be dry and damaged, you should keep your ends healthy by getting regular trims every 6 weeks. Cutting ½ inch from the ends of the hair is going to help even out your hair. It will make your hair look healthy by reducing the split ends.

You should contact Brazilian blowout salon Potomac anytime before winter so you can get the treatment you need for your hair.

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