How to Keep Dyed Hair Vibrant and Healthy

How to Keep Dyed Hair Vibrant and Healthy

Regardless if you have brunette, black, platinum blonde, red, black, blue hair, or color-treated hair, you need some attention if you want your hair color to last a long time. Nothing is worse than spending a lot of money at the hair salon for the newest popular color and then it will just fade after a week. The reason behind this is that you are not taking care of your hair. If someone has had orange, pink, black, blonde, or brunette hair, they probably have an idea of how to take care of color-treated hair.

If you went to a Brazilian keratin straightening to have your hair colored, you can find tips here on how to care for your locks.

Shampoo Only After 72 Hours

When you color your hair, you probably have an opened cuticle layer, which makes it easy for color to go through your hair shaft. When you wash your hair less than 72 hours after your appointment, the cuticle layer can still be open. This will cause the color to be washed down the drain. It will take up to three days for the cuticle layer to completely close. The longer you wait before shampooing your hair, the color pigment will have more time to soak into your hair cuticle. This is going to help your color to last longer between salon visits.

Use Conditioner Only

If you are having any trouble weaning away from daily washing, you probably have been doing it for many years. At least, your hair can be on a “low poo” diet by skipping the shampoo and using conditioner instead. You will add softness, caring nourishment, and shine. These are all the benefits without washing off the color.

Red Dye is the Most Prone to Color Loss

Hair colors with red have the most tendency to fade faster because their molecules are the largest. The molecule size gives red dyes more difficulty to penetrate deeply into your hair, so they rapidly dissipate. Therefore, when you want a red hue, you have to make sure that your hairstylist uses a hair color that maximizes results with very little stress to the cuticle of your hair.

Add Dye to the Conditioner You are Using

If you want a brighter look such as pink, blue, or even purple, you can try adding some dye to your conditioner when you wash your hair. By using color depositing conditioners, your hair color will stay vibrant. You can add dye to the conditioner because it will slightly re-dye your hair each time you wash so it will always look fresh until your hair roots grow out.

If You Want to Shampoo, Pick the Right One

There is an explanation for why color protective shampoo was invented. While other regular shampoos wash away your color because it speeds up fading, you should look for shampoos that protect your hair strands. This will help keep your metallic shade, pastel, or vivid hair color beautiful and vibrant. No matter what you do, you must choose a shampoo that is sulfate-free because it will help you wash out less color from the hair.

When You Shampoo, Turn Down the Water Temperature

Even if hot showers feel amazing, they will not be good for your hair color. When you use hot water to wash hair, your hair cuticle will open, which allows your color to wash out while you shampoo and condition your hair. Therefore, never use hot water to wash your hair.

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