How to Keep Hair Hydrated During the Summer

How to Keep Hair Hydrated During the Summer

You can customize a good skincare routine the entire year, but a lot of people fail to cope with the changing needs of their hair while the weather evolves outside. During summer, the sun, surfing, and flat irons are able to cause damage that sticks past labor day for a long time.

During winter, hair can become dry due to the absence of air moisture. However, in the summer, you are exposed to other damages that are harmful to the hair structure and how much moisture it is able to hold.

If you want to avoid serious offenders, the most aggressive source of damage, how you can avoid them, and how to restore hair with the right habits, there are ways. You can also go to a balayage salon before summer. Read on now.

Recognize the Power of Showering with the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Between swimming and sweat, you should find yourself sudsing up a lot more frequently during the summer, and washing can be harmful to fibers. Each time you rinse and wash your hair, you are losing proteins because there is water erosion. Water can degrade the fiber of hair and cause color molecules. The dye can also fall out of your hair. The best solution is a conditioner and shampoo that replaces moisture and protein and puts it in a better state while you shower.

Use Moisturizing Shampoo

One of the easiest ways to add hydration to hair is by using a fortifying shampoo. It is infused with tree oils, and the formula will nourish the lengths, scalp, and tips of your hair so that it will become stronger and healthier every time you wash.

Stay Away from Salt-Based Products

You should minimize your use of heat tools and dehydrating products as well, which starts with products containing salt ingredients. It could sound counterintuitive since people normally affiliate summer with salty ocean air, but this ingredient zaps moisture. Many times, dry shampoos contain salt, and you should stay away from that in the summer. There is more salt on your scalp because of sweating, swimming, as well as other summer activities. You can focus on the environment of your scalp, especially if you have wavy, curly, and oily hair.

Use Deep Conditioner at Home or Get Salon Treatments

Hair conditioners are now made for different hair types. Today, your stylist is able to recommend a formula that is perfect for your type of hair – regardless if it is damaged, coarse, fine, prone to frizz, and more. There are conditioners for all types of hair, and there are hard-working, and deep-penetrating conditioning formulas that you can use while at home. That is going to supercharge your hair’s moisture level.

UV Protection is Not Just for the Skin

Hair protection against sun damage has the same importance as skin protection. Any heat source burns the hair and the sun is going to do the same: lightening your hair, which makes it more brittle. Virgin hair has a lot more resistance because of natural oils, but if you strip it with color, use hot tools, and more, the outer layer does not have resistance. Once you have more porous hair, damage can easily happen because it does not have a natural coating. Wearing a hat whether you are strolling at the beach or running errands, rebalancing the hair’s hydration using shampoo and conditioner helps replenish the hair. Just like a daily moisturizer for the face, a serum or cream with UV protection counteracts damage as well.

You can try balayage Potomac anytime you want to keep your hair hydrated in the summer.

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