Why Women Cut their Hair After a Breakup

Why Women Cut their Hair After a Breakup

Even people who have the same hairstyle five years ago are liable to opt for a drastic change when they end their relationship. That is why terms like ‘divorce hair’ and ‘break up hair’ were formed.

However, have you ever wondered why people react that way? It has something to do with how a person’s hair is tied up with the whole concept of self-image. Some people do more than just a haircut by visiting a Japanese hair straightening salon to get a whole new look.

Breakup hair is something that a lot of people have fallen into, which includes celebrities. If you want to know more about why people change their hair after a breakup, read on.


A toxic relationship is going to leave you powerless, especially if you were not the one to end it, and highlights the poor treatment you received. It is impossible to change the past. You cannot go back to a younger version of yourself and shake them up. Which is why you must focus on now and what you can do. You are the only thing that you have control over, your appearance and behavior as well. Cutting hair will feel like the easiest action you can control; it is an important change that you can decide to do. It is a declaration that you can take back your life and yourself. Your body can no longer be shared, nor should it ever be.

Shows You are Moving On

Dramatically changing your hair is a way of moving on after shedding the past. You are on the quest to create a better and new version of yourselves, giving you an easy and quick way to do it by cutting hair or changing your hair color.

For instance, you can dye your hair black if it is brown. You might feel that you just need to change your life. When you dye and cut your hair, it will take away a lot of past resolutions.

Letting Go of the Person You Used to be

Hair is among the easiest ways to make a shift because your hair is among the best aspects of the expression of who someone is and how they want to be seen. Dramatic haircuts are going to indicate a wish so they can make a drastic change and fit into the new persona you are creating.

You are looking for a new life and not really a new look. It can be hard to see your locks as just your hair when it feels as if it is the soul of your being. Therefore, regardless if it is over a few weeks or all in one day, you will get a haircut. It feels satisfying. You can leave the salon feeling mentally and physically lighter.

To Reset

There are a lot of milestones in your life. Most of the time, you can mistake them as dressed in graduation caps or white dresses as well, or it feels like you have the keys to a new home you bought. These are big changes, but they should not prevent you from achieving smaller milestones you can go through in life. The beginning of a relationship is among them, and also the end of a relationship as well. It can feel like an event that you can only feel with a lot of pain or loss; losing the person, losing your identity, and losing a possible future with them. However, despite the pain, the break-up is a chance for you to reset.

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