How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

This might require some getting used to, but hair is naturally dry. That means the natural oil produced by your scalp does not slide down your hair shaft easily like it would for those with straight hair. Therefore, these natural oils tend to only sit on the scalp, which builds up and it is all flaky.

After that, there is another set of people who have scalps that do not produce the same amount of natural oils/sebum as they should and this causes your scalp to dry.

A good moisturizing routine comes into the picture. Moisturizing your hair is helpful in sealing moisture into hair strands. Before you pay for Brazilian keratin straightening, here are tips on how to keep your hair moisturized.

Your Hair Requires Water

Water is an essential hair element. Your hair requires water, the way you need food to survive. You should spritz water on your hair every day, and pay special attention to the ends. Water is a moisturizing agent for your hair and you should never comb your hair without applying some water first. You must drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day also so your natural hair stays moisturized.

Before Applying Heat, Use a Thermal Protective Formula

These products are providing a barrier between a hair strand and the heat of irons and dryers, which is helpful in protecting dry hair from any thermal tools.


Washday is the time when you should put moisture back into your hair and scalp. If your curls are loose or wavy, you should only put masks, cream stylers, or conditioners are the ends where the dryness starts. This is going to prevent your scalp from getting oily and weighed down.

You should also try a leave-in treatment. You should look for favored brands for your transformation, which should contain humectant avocado oil. Using just a little of this product will go a long way, specifically if your hair has a finer texture.

Do Not Shampoo Daily

If you have dry hair, it might not seem necessary to shampoo daily. Take one or two days off between shampooing your hair and give your scalp a chance to replenish the natural oil of your hair. In case your hair becomes flat or your scalp becomes too oily, try to apply dry shampoo to your hair roots to absorb and refresh excess oil.

Use Silk or Satin to Cover Your Hair

Is your hair feeling frizzy and dry when you wake up? At night, you should cover your hair using a satin or silk bonnet or scarf to retain all moisture while you sleep. Silk is an important fiber from animal protein, while satin is a fiber weave. There are differences between them, but either of them will prevent loss of moisture overnight, together with normal split ends and snags from friction. Your hair is going to thank you when you wake up.

Wash Your Hair’s Protective Styles

A protective style becomes counter-intuitive and it can damage your hair if you do not properly care for it. You must wear your protective styles for a total of 8 weeks and then cleanse your scalp using a light shampoo every 4 weeks after every installation. When you are following a moisturizing and cleansing routine to keep your protective styles healthy, this prevents dry hair and your natural hair retains moisture better.

Trim the Ends

You should regularly trim your hair to get rid of split ends, single strand knots, and brittle ends. These ends tend to dry quickly and they can be the driest part of each strand.

Before you go to a keratin treatment salon Potomac, keep these tips in mind first.

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