How to Take Care of Bleached Hair

How to Take Care of Bleached Hair

If you have chosen a sun-kissed hair color in the summer, it is time to take care of your hair once that season is over.

It is a popular fact that adding color to your hair has a drying effect, especially if bleach was used. You should establish a routine for hair care that keeps your hair hydrated and healthy-looking. Hair fairies have planned the best guide to the best hair care for you to celebrate locks the entire year.

Accessing some of the top products, colorists, and treatments is important. If you go to a Brazilian keratin straightening salon to have your hair bleached, it is imperative that you know how to take care of bleached hair.

Avoid Bleaching Hair Ends

The ends of your hair are normally those that are more prone to breakages. When you apply bleach to the entire shaft, the older hair at the ends has been subjected to different bleach applications or dye and it is weaker.

You can use a toner, instead of bleach, so you can pep up blonde locks and avoid more split ends and breakages. You should also trim your hair regularly.

You Can Use Purple Shampoo

It is difficult to keep blonde hair healthy and to get rid of the brassiness. If you have to do damage control, using purple shampoo would not be necessary. But if your blonde hair is healthier and you want to maintain the tone as much as possible after the salon visit, you should consider using purple shampoo, but you should avoid going overboard.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Frequently

The primary and simplest way to keep bleached hair healthy is to avoid washing it frequently. Therefore, you should use a good shower cap so your hair stays dry when you shower.

There is no need to stop for weeks, and you can just stop what you are currently doing. Washing twice looks like a sweet spot.

In addition, after bleaching your roots, you can go up to a week without washing them. When you fully bleach your hair, it is dry, so your hair will not look excessively dirty.

Wash Hair in Tepid Water

Turn down your shower thermostat so you can benefit from bleached hair. Using hot water to wash your hair will open up hair cuticles, which allows color to fade and wash out.

You can keep a bright hair color by using lukewarm water to shampoo it, and then cool water to rinse off the conditioner. This will seal and stop the color from going into the drain.

Do Not Overdo the Bleaching

Overlapping the bleach is the most common reason why your hair gets damaged. Apparently, this was the culprit behind your previous bleaching disaster. However, it is also important to mind your hairline and you should be mindful of how long the color has been sitting on your hair.

Buy a Nice Hair Protectant

If you style your hair weekly, you should use a heat protectant so you will not have a lot of breakage or damage.

There is no need to fuss about bleached hair, but you should invest in a good heat protectant.

Stay Away from Chlorine

You should prepare your hair before diving into the pool, which is why you should use a leave-in conditioner so your hair will be protected from chlorine. If you do not want to use a leave-in conditioner, you can always buy a stylish swimming cap that you can easily find in stores.

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