Why Get a Keratin Treatment Before Winter

Why Get a Keratin Treatment Before Winter

Normally, when it comes to keratin treatments, you think about humid, hot summers, and it is more popular for calming down flyaways and frizz. However, are you aware that it is also beneficial in the winter?

A keratin treatment will smoothen out hair, making strands more manageable even during the worst weather conditions, and it contributes unbeatable shine.

Even if you should not treat it as snake oil for hair issues, it is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a wash-and-wear solution. If you are thinking of going to a keratin treatment salon, you should know more about how it is good for your hair during winter. Read on to know more.

Cuts Your Hair Styling in Half

Do you know about those precious mornings in the winter that seem like midnight even if it is already morning? The good thing is that you can snooze through them and ladies who blow dry their hair right before heading out can cut the process entirely with a keratin treatment, and you should earn 20 more minutes. This way, you will have time to do other things before leaving.


Some keratin treatments claim that they do not contain formaldehyde while the keratin formulas have a combination of chemicals that release formaldehyde in trace amounts. It only happens when combined with water. Formaldehyde will be released during and then after treatment, so you should talk to a hair professional about the ingredients when you choose a treatment.


Keratin straightening treatments require maintenance to increase the treatment’s lasting time. It is recommended that you use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, but make sure they are both sulfate-free. The purpose of this is to replenish the keratin content of your hair. Using serum can help you form a protective layer on your hair so that your hair will not get damaged.

You Can Style On-the-Go

Since you have shiny and smooth hair 24/7 after getting a keratin treatment, there is some angst when it comes to restyling it for last-minute holiday parties. This might sound exaggerated, but it can be a game-changer, especially if you will not resort to a messy, and hurried updo even after hours. When you have smooth and static-free hair, it means you can show off the well-groomed and silky tresses you have. Your hair will not look haggard.

It Will Beanie-Proof Your Hair

Keratin hair treatments can help maintain strands with less static, but it helps with the beanie bend that you get after removing the hardware. You should follow the instruction that you are not allowed to wash your hair after the treatment, and strands are kink-proof there.

No More Curls

If you have wavy and curly hair, and you want straight smooth hair, you can achieve the smoothing experience if you use keratin straightening treatment. It will cut away the frizz, giving you straight and healthy hair. Hair tangles are eliminated using a hair straightening treatment, making your hair easy to style and comb. Therefore, your winter struggles are going to end. Your hair is going to be ready when you are.


Keratin treatments could last between 2 to 4 months, which depends on the maintenance and the products you are using. Make sure that none of them contain sulfate because they can be harsh when getting rid of oil and dirt, but they take keratin molecules with them. It is best to only wash your hair 48 hours after getting the treatment.

You can try Brazilian keratin salon Potomac if you need to get the treatment before winter.



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