How to Tell if You Have Thinning Hair

How to Tell if You Have Thinning Hair

If you are in your 40s, you may have noticed some of the initial signs of hair thinning. Maybe you will notice that your ponytail looks smaller or the stylist has said something about thinning locks. It could also be that you have just noticed that your shower drains and hairbrush has more hair.

Even if this causes panic, before you get stressed out too much, keep in mind that you can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. This also depends on the length of your hair. Remember that it is natural to lose hair strands every day.

You can also try a hair extensions salon if you have thinning hair. Here are the signs you must watch out for:

Lighter Hair

It can be subtle, but you can start to feel that your hair does not weigh the same anymore, you will also notice this if you normally wear a ponytail. The ponytail will feel lighter and appear smaller, as well as takes more looping of an elastic band so it stays in place.

Your Hairline is Receding

Receding hairline will describe the process of your hair in front and sides thinning and moving away from your face. Most of the time, people with this kind of hair loss will notice that their hairline has begun to make an “M” shape since the hair on their side is receding faster compared to the hair in the middle.

This is more common in males.

Visible Scalp

Another thing you must watch out for is your scalp. If you begin to see that different parts of your scalp are more visible than before, this can be a signal of overall thinning.

This can be practical if you always tie your hair. You will see the appearance of more scalp, and the hair part already started to widen, especially on your head.

You should also keep an eye on your crown. Experts can agree that it is among the first areas that a lot of people notice where their hair starts thinning.

Thinning Across Your Entire Head

Some people can experience hair loss equally on top of their heads. The hair will thin equally without shapes or patterns. Even if the hairline recession is a common pattern in hair loss for males, females can experience hair loss across their heads.

You Have Increased Stress

Another major culprit of thinning hair in women who are over 40 is more stress, and not just having a lot on your plate. Hair loss related to stress can also be caused by trauma like physical, severe illness or accident, and emotional. It can put hair follicles at rest. In addition, when you experience a lot of mental stress, you tend to forget about self-care, such as exercise and good nutrition. Everyone is in a cycle of feeling run-down or stressed, which can be hard to break out of, and your skin, nail, and hair health can suffer as well.

Your Hair Fall is in Clumps

Normally, hair loss is a slow process. However, sometimes, you might see dramatic changes in your hair. Sometimes, your hair can fall out in clumps instead of thinning and gradually receding.

Hair falls out in clumps can indicate that you have an underlying health condition. You would have to see a healthcare professional and find out what causes this kind of hair loss.

You will also start to notice that you are losing hair across your entire body.

If you want it to be less noticeable, you can try hair extensions in salon Potomac anytime.


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