How to Wear Hair Extensions at Night

How to Wear Hair Extensions at Night

The evolution of hair extension has already become advanced in the new fashion industry trend. People also go to salons that do hair extensions and it also adds to your personality when you get them.

If you paid for hair extensions and you are thinking about how to sleep with them, you just have to know about the dos and don’ts when you go to bed. It will mostly rely on the kind of hair extension you want.

You can read this article until the end to know more about how you can sleep with hair extensions.

Use a Good Detangling Brush

When it is time to brush, you need a good detangling one. After a long day, your hair can get detangled and that is why you must invest in the right kind of hairbrush and it will help you do the job well. It is also an assurance that there are no knots.

You should be gentle with your hair as you detangle it. You should brush your hair from the end and then in-between extensions. This prevents it from any type of damage.

Use a Snag Free Hair Bobble When Tying Your Hair Back

If you want to keep your hair from getting in your way, you must use a hairband that is snag-free. A lot of hairbands come with a metal clamp that is used for holding the band together, but it can snag your hair that causes breakage. This makes it hard to take off the band. If you use a snag-free hair band that is secure with an adhesive, it will prevent it from happening. Even people who are not wearing hair extensions and simply want to manage their hair at night, they will find this tip useful.

Braid Your Hair Extensions

Braiding hair extensions is one of the best ways to protect hair extensions. Braids keep your hair all in one place. Even if your hair is medium length or long, loose braids prevent the hair from getting knotted overnight. You can also secure it using a ponytail. This protects your hair from creases. It is also going to avoid breakage that normally happens because of regular hair ties. A relaxed and easy top-knot bun also keeps the hair knot-free, tamed, and structured.

Use a Silk Scarf

If you do not want to have wavy hair upon waking up, you can use a silk scarf to wrap your hair when you sleep. Make sure that it is silk and not cotton. That is because most cotton scarves absorb moisture coming from your hair while satin and silk do not. This will maintain your silky hair extensions.

 Dry Them Before You Sleep

If your hair extensions are shorter, there are times when it is impossible to braid them, especially if your hair extensions are only for adding thickness and not length. In these circumstances, you simply have to secure your ponytail and it will be enough to keep your hair from getting in your way while you sleep. You can try folding your ponytail because this is going to secure your hair and keep it from getting tangled or creating friction against your pillow.

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