Information About Balayage You Need to Know About

Information About Balayage You Need to Know About

The balayage everyone knows and loves has been around longer compared to most people. The first time was when they hit the salons of Paris in 1970. However, the style today is not quite the same as it was like 5 decades ago. Even if the end result is very identical, the weaving color technique applied to your hair has changed a lot throughout the years. People do not use 1,000 feet of cotton every time they color their hair.

If you want to get balayage hair in 2022, there are many different ways that your stylist achieves your dream look. You can take a look at the information in this article to find out more.


Like when you are learning a new technique, it is not common for new balayage stylists to be a bit stiff in the motions they use. It is understood: When you become more rigid, it gives an illusion that you have more product control and the brush as well.

However, it is not really the best way to apply the product. Painting in strokes that are smaller and more restricted is going to naturally increase how much time you are spending on the service, which limits how many clients you can see throughout the day. In addition, if you are too exacting when it comes to the product application, you might as well leave a harsh demarcation line, which is the right opposite of what balayage should achieve.

Freehand Balayage

For traditional and real balayage, freehand is the technique that works. The idea behind balayage is that you need to apply the color by hand. The hair was swept up to achieve a blended look. During the 70s, this was the only way that stylists do it, and it is still the common method used today. When freehand balayage is used, the stylist will have a complete and overall look, which lets them apply color everywhere to highlight features and enhance your look. It lets the stylist create a seamless blend, which gives you a professional look. However, it can consume some time when it is properly done. If you are in a hurry and do not like spending hours and hours sitting in the salon chair, you should look at other options if you want a quicker style.

Gliding and Sliding

There is a technique known as the glide and slide that stylists use to get excellent coverage and saturation at the client’s hair tip.

The technique involves lightly gliding the brush, along the underside of ends. After that, you should rest your hair on the gloved hand, and they will start applying the product to the top ends. While the product is being applied, the gloved hand should glide under the hair as well, effectively sliding the hair length and creating a great blur.

An important thing to remember is that you are not pushing the brush while they work on the top ends. Pushing is going to cause the product to be pushed all the way, and through your hair which will create a hard line. You do not want that. The stylist should keep things nice and gentle.

The Use of Foils

Balayage that uses foils is not technically real Balayage, but an expert stylist can make it look the same. The color is still going to be applied freehand, but allowing it to dry like it has to, and your stylist will wrap your strands in foil.

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