What You Need to Know About Japanese Hair Straightening

What You Need to Know About Japanese Hair Straightening

Regardless if you want to reduce the frizz, minimize thick hair heaviness, or achieve a shine like in the shampoo ad. Keratin treatments are the gold standard in terms of straightening and smoothing. There are different treatments available in the salon, but going to a Japanese hair straightening salon has become a trend. Particularly gaining more traction among keratin regulars and hair experts.

Styling unruly hair can take forever if you are using a hair straightener and it can be a daily hassle every morning. Despite the efforts, your style can easily be ruined by the weather’s humidity.

That is the reason why women are choosing to pay for chemical straightening techniques making hair straight and smooth for a long time and it dramatically cuts down styling time.

How Long Does it Last?

The treatment is permanent and results can last longer if you do proper maintenance. You would have to wait for the grow-out of treatments entirely before your natural hair returns, which means it is a huge commitment. It does not gradually wash out like a Brazilian blow-dry and it does not break down. Japanese hair straightening treatment can last between 6 to 12 months, but this would depend on your type of hair.

Will it Damage Your Hair?

Even if Japanese straightening does not have the same safety reputation as a Brazilian blowout, it can still be damaging if you do not follow the advice of your stylist. Other women have already reported hair damage and hair loss.

The stylist will know if your hair can get the treatment or not or if it will be damaging to your hair. You should be honest if your hair has been processed in any way and tell them about it.

The Cost

The cost of a Japanese hair straightening treatment normally depends on your hair’s length and thickness. It can cost $500 for the first few times. However, some would charge between $280 – $550 depending on the system you want, the thickness, and hair length.

You have to talk to a stylist before embarking on a Japanese straightening hair treatment because it is not okay for everyone. Some might find Brazilian keratin to be a better option for some people.


You can wash after treatment, but it depends on the kind of treatment you get. You should not wash yur hair for 72 hours and your hair will not look too greasy. With this one, you can wash your hair 24 hours later but you should wait at least 48 hours.

During this period that you do not wash your hair, you also cannot exercise unless you are convinced that you will not sweat, which adds moisture to your roots. You are not allowed to wear headbands, ponytails, wear sunglasses on your head and you cannot put your hair behind your ear. All you can do is sleep on your hair.

How the Treatment Works

Japanese hair straightening relies heavily on a special solution that is applied to the hair like a flat perm. This solution will break down the hair bonds that give the shape, which allows it to give a pin-straight solution when you use a flat iron. The hair is saturated using a solution, dried, rinsed using a blow-dryer, and then part it into small 1/8-inch sections. Similar to a perm solution, it is neutralized and then applied, which will lock the style in place. The whole process is time-intensive and laborious. Depending on how thick your hair is, you can expect to spend hours in the salon.

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