Japanese Hair Straightening Guide

Japanese Hair Straightening Guide

Japanese hair straightening is one of the most effective methods of straightening hair. The treatment will make your hair shiny, straight and smooth. It’s however crucial that the treatment is done by an expert to prevent hair damage. Visit the Japanese hair straightening salon and consult the hair stylist on the process. Make sure you understand the benefits of the treatment and how to manage your hair after the treatment. In this article, we tell you why you should consider applying the Japanese hair straightening treatment and how to manage your hair after the treatment.

How does Japanese Hair Straightening Work?

Japanese hair straightening will make your hair straighten. The chemicals used during the technique break the hair bonds leaving your hair pin straight. The technique is also known as thermal reconditioning is one of the most effective methods of hair straightening. To ensure that the method is effective its best to visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist apply the treatment. In the salon, the hairstylist will use the right quality treatment and use the right heat styling tool. That will ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from any side effects.

Benefits of Japanese Hair Straightening

Below are the benefits of applying the Japanese hair treatment to your hair.

  • The hair straightening will last a long time. It’s the most effective method of straightening hair.
  • It makes your hair silky and smooth. You can manage your hair easily
  • Your hair will be pin straight, and it will not frizz.

Side Effects that May Result from Hair Straightening

It’s crucial to ensure that the treatment is applied by an expert to prevent hair damage. Below are some of the side effects your hair may experience if the treatment is not applied professionally and if you apply it on weak and thin hair.

  • Dry hair

If not well applied the chemicals and heat used during the process will make your hair dry.

  • Frizz

When the hair becomes dry, it will become frizzy and tangled.

  • Split ends and Breakage

Dry hair becomes weak and starts to split from the middle. Split ends then result in breakage.

  • Hair fall

Dry, brittle hair will fall off and cause your hair to become thin.

It’s essential to select the right hair straightening salon because that determines the outcome of the treatment. Below some tips to help you choose the best hair straightening salon

Visit the top-rated hair salon near and choose the most experienced hair stylist.

  • Look for reviews from the salon website and friends and family
  • Ask the hairstylist questions and gauge the answer

How long will Japanese Hair Straightening Last

Japanese hair straightening will last for more than six months before you need to retouch your hair. Make sure that the treatment used is high quality and follow the right regimen.

What Types of Hair is Ideal for Japanese Hair Straightening

If you are thinking about hair straightening, it’s important to consider the hair type. You need to establish whether the treatment will work on your hair and that’s why you should visit the permanent hair straightening salon for a strand test. Weak, brittle, dry and damaged will not benefit from the Japanese hair straightening treatment. Some of the hair types that should not use Japanese hair straightening;

  • Color-treated hair

If your hair already has colored your hair may become damaged. Hair color lifts the hair cuticles, and that makes the hair porous. Adding Japanese hair treatment chemicals to your hair will damage it. After hair color and highlights make sure that you build up the protein levels in your hair before Japanese hair straightening.

  • Chemical Treated Hair

Too many chemicals will damage your hair and if your hair already has chemicals adding the Japanese hair straightening treatment will damage your hair. When you visit the Japanese hair straightening salon make sure that you are honest about your hair journey. Don’t add chemicals if your hair already has a dose of chemicals.

  • Dry and Brittle

If your hair is dry, brittle or your scalp has dandruff. It’s best to avoid the treatment because it will make the issue worse. Seek the advice of your hair stylist on whether you should apply the Japanese hair straightening treatment.

Japanese Hair Straightening Aftercare

  • Avoid any moisture or water before three days are over.
  • Follow the right care regimen to avoid hair damage
  • Visit the hair salon often for a hair check
  • Invest in the right hair care products. They are products for Japanese hair straightened hair.

Japanese hair straightening will not only make your hair straight but will also make your hair smooth and shiny. Make sure that your treatment is applied in the Permanent hair straightening salon Rockville for the best outcome. It’s critical to follow the right regimen after application of the treatment to keep your hair from damage.


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