How to Repair Damaged Hair

How to Repair Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can make you feel desperate especially if your efforts don’t seem to pay off. You put your hair through brushing, straightening, coloring, and curling among other hair styling processes without a break. Your hair gets exhausted and begins to show signs of damage. You will notice split ends, itchy scalp, dull and dry hair. The results in hair breakage which results in hair thinning. It’s important to visit the hair extensions salon Rockville often because the hair stylist will notice signs of hair damage quickly before they deteriorate. In this article, we look at to deal with hair damage and ensure that your hair becomes healthy.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

If you know what caused the hair damage, that makes the hair repair process easier. Below are some of the causes of hair damage

  • Wrong application of the human hair extension
  • Excess heat styling
  • Using too many chemicals on your hair
  • Coloring an over processed hair
  • Hair Damage due to Hair color and highlights

Hair color lifts the hair cuticles and may cause your hair to become dry. It’s imperative that you visit the hair salon specializing in color and let the hair stylist apply the hair color to prevent hair damage. Visit the hair salon for color and let the hair stylist assess your hair. Follow the instructions on how to prevent further damage. Below tips to help prevent further damage

Opt for Darker shades

Lighter shades are difficult to maintain and require retouch more often. That may result in hair damage. Depending on the state of your hair avoid unnatural color if your hair is vulnerable because they will require you to add color more often.

Give your hair a break in between color retouch

Extend the color retouch time, and that will minimize the chances of hair damage. To make sure that your color and highlights last long follow the below tips

  • Don’t wash your hair often
  • Use products that are meant for colored hair
  • Avoid using hot water on your hair

Let the Professional Hair Stylist Apply the Hair Color

It’s best to let the professional at the hair color salon apply the hair color. The hair stylist will assess your hair and use the right hair color. You can also consult on how to maintain your hair at the hair salon specializing in color.

Apply hair color gradually

Begin with semi-permanent hair color before you can use permanent hair colors

The hair color expert will advise you on how to maintain your hair. If you have applied Japanese permanent hair straightening treatment give your hair time before coloring.

If your hair is already damaged after hair color and highlights talk to the hair stylist on the remedy to use. Make sure you keep your hair hydrated to prevent hair damage. Invest in products that are color safe.

  • Hair Damage Due to Heat Tools

Heat will cause your hair to have raised cuticles, and that will make your hair porous. When your hair is porous, that will lead to dry hair that results in hair damage. During permanent hair straightening too much heat will lead to hair damage. It’s important to visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist apply the treatment.

How to Minimize Damage from Heat Tools

Invest in heat protectors.

During Japanese hair, straightening ensure that the hair stylist applies a heat protector to your hair before using the flat iron.

Use tools that you control the heat

It’s best to visit the high rated hair salon where they have high-quality heat tools. Make sure that minimal heat on your hair.

Air Dry the Hair

If you are wearing human hair extensions, avoid using heat on extensions. That will ensure there is no damage to your hair and the extensions.

Let the Hair Stylist apply the heat on your hair

  • Failure to follow the Instructions from the Hair Stylist

It’s important to ensure that you follow the regimen given by the hair stylist. Make sure that you understand your hair type and how to take care of the hair. Below some tips you should follow;

Follow the hair care practices as advised by your hair stylist. If you are wearing hair extensions, make sure that you follow the right care regimen. Brush the hair extensions often to prevent tangling. Let the hair extensions stylist remove the hair extensions especially if they are permanent.

Your hair habits will determine the state of your hair. Follow the hair regimen given at the hair extensions salon or hair straightening salon, and that will ensure your hair is healthy. Visit the hair salon often for a hair assessment and advise on how to maintain your hair.

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