Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are extremely popular mainly because of how easy and commitment-free they are. Just set them in place, sport them, and take them off or keep them on for a few weeks if they are permanent. Simple, easy, and fuss-free. However, not all extensions are a pile of merits so you should be careful when choosing hair extensions in a hair extensions salon. Attracted towards synthetic hair extensions? Read these pros and cons of synthetic hair extensions before making your decision.

Pros Of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Here are the things that make synthetic hair extensions a thumbs-up.

They’re Reasonably Long-Lasting

Synthetic hair extensions are known for lasting a reasonable amount of time, given that you maintain them properly. A lot of people think that these extensions can’t even get past the 1-month mark, but they can last anywhere between 2 and 6 months given that you keep them away from water, heat, and chemicals. That’s pretty long, especially because synthetic hair extensions are not very expensive as they are made out of fibers that look like hair.

If you are in a pinch and want to get your hands on some hair extensions, but don’t want them to be super expensive, then you can certainly go for synthetic hair extensions because they will not disappoint.

They’re Less Expensive

One of the things that make synthetic hair extensions popular is the price. A lot of women can’t seem to justify the price of real, human hair extensions because they’re very expensive and they just don’t want to splurge on them. Rather, they look for options that are lighter on their wallets.

This is where synthetic hair extensions come to the rescue. They’re way cheaper than other extensions and they last for a reasonable amount of time. So, the low cost of synthetic hair extensions huge plus for a lot of women. On top of it all, they’re easy to apply on the mane and it takes little to no effort at all even though they don’t look very natural.

They’re Shiny

Another thing that can intrigue women is the fact that synthetic hair extensions are very shiny. So, they give your hair that healthy look. Now, this characteristic can be a hit or miss among women because some love the sheen that these extensions have, while others despise it and want something that matches their natural hair shine.

If you’re already blessed with shiny and healthy hair but lack in the thickness department, then these hair extensions will add that missing cherry on top and your hair will have tons of volume.

Cons Of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions have a lot of downsides, and even things like low price can’t save these extensions from the sea of cons. Here are the bad things about synthetic hair extensions.

Can’t Style With Heat

This one is probably a surprising fact, but yes, you can’t use heat on synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions aren’t the same as natural hair, rather they’re made out of plastic-like fibers that can get melted and even burned if you let a hot styling tool near it.

So, if you don’t want to ruin your hair extensions then you should keep it at bay from flat irons and curling rods.

Can Get Knotted

Synthetic hair extensions can be a pain in the neck to manage. They can get tangled and knotted pretty quickly and that’s not even the worst part. It’s a pain to get the tangles out because these extensions are not stretchy like your natural hair. The tension, once it gets out of hand, can cause the extensions to rip. So, that will be another debacle that you’ll have to deal with.

This is why it’s recommended that you take the extensions off at night before going to bed if you don’t want to wake up with messy hair and extensions.

Not A Lot Of Variety

Sadly, synthetic hair extensions have an unremarkable variety. You can’t find any unique hair colors and textures when it comes to choosing from synthetic hair extensions. Unless your natural hair color is pretty basic like black or a generic shade of brown, you really can’t find the “perfect” match for your hair and you know what that means.

Your hair won’t be able to hide the extensions well and the overall mane will look patchy and just wrong from every place. So, if you have a distinct hair type and color, then it’s better if you opt for different high quality hair extensions.

Can Look Fake

This con ties in with the previous one. As there isn’t a lot of color variety of synthetic hair extensions and add to that the fact that these extensions are super shiny, the result can look pretty fake.

If your hair isn’t naturally shiny, then adding in shiny synthetic hair extensions will only make matters worse. The difference can be spotted from a mile away and these extensions completely ruin the purpose of concealing the fake hair in the first place. This is why women don’t prefer synthetic hair extensions because they look downright fake.

Can Get Damaged

Synthetic hair extensions are susceptible to damage. They can get damaged by heat, overuse, chemicals like chlorine and bleach, and the list goes on. Unlike other hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions are fragile and they’re not nearly as strong as your natural hair. This is why women tend to choose other options.

Although these extensions are inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that they can let this fact conveniently slip by. If someone is going to spend their money on hair extensions, they might as well get the type that lasts long even if they’re a bit on the expensive side.

Causes Scalp Irritation

Another very alarming thing about synthetic hair extensions is that they can irritate the scalp. Sometimes the fibers can be the source of irritation and other times it’s the adhesive used to stick the extensions in place.

A lot of women, especially the ones with sensitive scalps, can feel their skin burning and turning red after applying synthetic hair extensions. This is why it’s recommended that you always do a patch test before the extensions can be applied to see whether you’re sensitive to them or not.

Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Good

Synthetic hair extensions are the true embodiment of the saying “You get what you pay for”. Even though they’re cheap and a lot of women and salons love synthetic hair extensions for their low price, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best thing out there.

Remember that price mirrors quality, especially when things like hair extensions are concerned. So, you better believe that they will only last for so long before you start to see them getting unraveled and damaged to the point of no return. So, ask yourself whether synthetic hair extensions are worth it or not.


Synthetic hair extensions are very easy to get your hands on, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a smooth ride from there. They can look shiny and fake. Now that you know where synthetic hair extensions lack and where they soar, you can decide if they’re worth it or not. When visiting salons that do hair extensions Potomac, if your budget allows, choose human hair extensions.

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