Why Is My Hair Still Frizzy After Keratin Treatment? 10 Reasons

Why Is My Hair Still Frizzy After Keratin Treatment? 10 Reasons

Well, that didn’t go as planned. A keratin treatment by hairstylist is supposed to give your hair that smooth and frizz-free finish. However, if you’re seeing frizz on your mane, then there is something wrong. Below are some reasons why your hair might be acting up.

This Is Why Your Hair Is Frizzy After Keratin Treatment

The Treatment Is Ineffective

The first reason why your keratin treatment isn’t getting rid of frizz is because it’s not effective. Many times, there can be problems with the actual treatment itself. Either it wasn’t stored properly in the salon that made it go bad.

This is why it’s so critical to choose a salon that has good reviews and happy clients. A botched keratin treatment will lead to excessive frizz and damage and you will end up wasting your money too. This is not a smart move. So, always pick a salon that you know and trust.

Inadequate Application

Another thing that can lead to frizzy hair after keratin treatment is the improper application of the treatment. People can forget that for the keratin solution to work, the treatment needs to be applied generously to the hair. You want your hair to feel saturated with the treatment because this is where the magic happens. If a stylist is using the treatment sparingly or removing it before the allocated time is up, then you better believe that you’ll not get smooth and sleek hair at the end of the hair rinse.

So, again, you want to choose a salon that has trained and professional staff because they know keratin treatments like the back of their hands. You won’t want to spend your money on nothing but a mountain of frizz.

Formaldehyde Promotes Frizz

People usually put keratin treatments on a pedestal, but they are not all that great. Keratin treatment also has dangerous chemicals in it that make the hair straight – and sometimes, the reaction can be pretty severe. Formaldehyde is a main ingredient that’s found in keratin treatment solutions and this is the thing that breaks down the hair protein to give straighter hair. If your scalp and hair are super sensitive to formaldehyde, then it can lead to frizzy hair even after the treatment.

Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen and can cause health problems. So, if you want to get straight hair and not damage it with formaldehyde, then go for formaldehyde-free keratin treatments.

Your Scalp Has Build-Up

Even though you might be tired of hearing this over and over, but washing hair is important. There is a reason why hair technicians wash your hair before any treatment. It’s to get rid of any build-up and product residue in the hair. Clean and dry hair is needed for a keratin treatment, otherwise even after the treatment, your hair will be frizzy.

If there is dirt, oil, grease, or any product in your hair, then the treatment won’t adhere to the strands and you’ll just be wasting time and will get no results in the end. So, ladies! Washing hair before keratin treatment is key to preventing frizz.

Blame The Weather

Sometimes, it’s not the treatment or the greasy hair. You might have followed every step to the T, but it still doesn’t give the results you want. You might want to look around for the culprit. It’s humidity and the hot weather that’s clumping your hair up into a messy bird’s nest. Humidity can make the hair very frizzy and even a keratin treatment can’t salvage the damage.

What’s frustrating is that it can’t be fixed because you obviously can’t control the weather. But there is still a way to fix this. Investing in frizz-control products to humidity-proof your hair.

Using Heat-Styling Tools

Are you guilty of using heat-styling tools after getting a keratin treatment? Well, that could be the reason why your hair is frizzing up. This is a very common advice that hairstylists give, and that’s to put a lock on the heat styling tools for at least a few weeks.

If you’re continuously using heat on the hair, then it’s going to get frizzy. So, learn from this, and the next time you get a keratin treatment done, make sure to listen to the hair technician’s advice because that could be the be-all and end-all.

Washing Hair Too Early After The Treatment

Most women don’t have the patience to wait for that 72-hour mark after which they can wash their hair. More often than not, women will wash their hair after 24 hours and leave the rest to fate. That’s not going to give you the results you want. In no time, your hair will turn into a frizzy mess and, sadly, the blame is all on you.

You need to let the hair marinate in the treatment for 3 days before you hop into the shower. It’s normal to be jumpy and excited, but you want to adhere to the guide that your hair technician has given you for the best and long-lasting results.

No Aftercare

You can’t just call it a day after getting a keratin treatment done. There is a lot of aftercare that follows suit. If you’re not protecting your hair from the sun, harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and bleach, and are constantly putting your mane up in tight hairstyles that stretch the strands beyond the point of repair, then you’re inviting frizz.

The post-treatment maintenance and care need to be taken seriously if you want to get your money’s worth and make your hair look fabulous for longer.

History Of Hair Damage

If your hair has been through damage, then frizz might be something that even a keratin treatment can’t smoothen. If you have a long track record of dyeing your hair, changing colors, constantly bleaching it, and styling it with heat, then your hair is already quite damaged and you will need more than just a simple keratin treatment to resuscitate the tresses back to life.

Instead of getting a keratin treatment, try damage-restoring techniques and deep-conditioning treatments that will help the hair get healthy again. After your hair health is restored, you can jazz things up with a keratin treatment.

Using Any Product Without Seeing The Label

This is also something that a lot of women don’t take care of. After getting a keratin treatment done, must check the labels of the products you use and avoid products that have sulfate. But what’s the deal with sulfate?

Sulfate is normally found in shampoos and it can fade the color of your hair. It can also lead to frizz in the hair and if you’re still using the same ole shampoo for your mane after a keratin treatment, you’re essentially letting frizz ruin everything. Invest in hair products that are rich in protein and free from sulfate.


A keratin treatment is not a one-and-done deal. You need to take care of it to make the results last longer. Now you know the reason for your frizzy hair after getting keratin treatment. And above all, choose a good permanent hair straightening salon Potomac for getting keratin treatment so the right product is used in the right amount by an experienced hairstylist.

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