Real Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Real Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

hair salonsHair extensions are amazing for several reasons. You can instantly go from short to long hair, provide volume to your thin hair, or just give color to your hairstyle without actually dyeing your natural hair. Today, many hair salons offer hair extension services. The professional hairstylists install hair extensions in a manner that no one can ever recognize that you are wearing fake hair. But, all hair extensions are not same. Hair extensions are of two types- human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Synthetic Hair Or Human Hair Extensions – Which To Choose?

Human hair extensions or real hair extensions are made from human hair. Hair present in these types of hair extensions behave exactly like your own hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are made from fiber. If you purchase good quality synthetic hair extensions, you can get desired look from them as well.

Human hair extensions

Professional hairstylists recommend human hair extensions. It is possible to cut, color, curl, straight and wash human hair extensions to get desired look. These hair extensions are known for their uniform quality. Every strand of human extensions faces one direction. This provides perfect finish.

Human hair extensions are available in many hair colors. You can easily find extensions that match with your natural hair color. Also, human hair extensions can be installed in several ways. You can choose any type of human hair extensions depending on your needs and budget.

Human hair extensions are expensive and so their installation. You should always prefer a good hair salon for purchasing human hair extensions. You will not only find the best quality hair extensions in the hair salon but professional hairstylists will adequately install extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are long-lasting, affordable and low maintenance hair extensions. This type of extensions are easy to install and easy to remove. Since synthetic extensions are made from fiber, they don’t get affected by humidity and rain. These extensions are available in various colors, style and length.

Unlike human hair extensions, you cannot make modifications in synthetic hair extensions. Hair extension fiber may get damaged by color and heat.


Whether you choose human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, keep quality in your mind. Both extensions can look good if they get installed in the correct manner.

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