Switch Up Your Look with Gorgeous Hair Highlights

Switch Up Your Look with Gorgeous Hair Highlights

hair color salonHair Highlighting is a common technique to add a new dimension, shine, depth and style to your hair while keeping your natural color. Hair highlighting is also a perfect way of lightening your hair color without causing any serious damage to your manes. It is because only a selected portion of your hair is treated with hair color.

Hair highlighting tips

Highlighting can bulge out your bone structure and make your hair shine in the sun. Just like hair coloring, hair highlighting is a customized thing. You should not highlight your hair by blindly following latest celebrity trends. Wrong highlights can ruin your entire appearance. For best results, consult your hairstylist before selecting any color. Your hairstylist knows your hair better than you. He/ she can recommend the highlights which can enhance your facial features.

The Do’s And Don’ts of hair highlighting

DO frame the face

When you are highlighting your hair, placement is the key. Always place the fattest and brightest highlights around the face’s frame. Highlights should be darker at the root and lighter at the tips of hair. This creates perfect hair highlights.

DON’T add too many different colors

While dimension is good, too many shades mess up hair and give unnatural look. Never add more than three shades at one time. Otherwise your hair will look like rainbow. (Wait, what? Rainbow highlights are in trend!)

DO have depth and dimensions

Over highlighted hair looks unsophisticated and flat. Hair highlights should vary in shade and size. The highlights you choose should accent your base color. Opt for highlights that match with the tone of your hair.

DON’T go too light

Please avoid highlights which match with your skin color. Such highlights will make you look washed out.

DO change your highlights with seasons

Hair highlights should be paler and brighter during summer, and deeper and golden during winter. Changing hair highlights with seasons is actually a good idea.

DON’T try DIY highlighting

If you are thinking about DIY highlighting, then think again. Hair highlighting is a complicated process. Instead of messing up with your hair, visit a hair color salon and get the perfect highlights.

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