Redefine Your Look With These Jaw-dropping Short Haircuts

Redefine Your Look With These Jaw-dropping Short Haircuts

 hairstylist for short haircutHaving beautiful and long hair is certainly the dream of every girl, but maintenance of long hair is a daunting task. Long hair requires a lot of attention and care to look good all the time. If you think that you cannot give your long hair the care it deserves, then you should better visit a local hair salon and get an amazing short haircut that can complement your facial features just as well!

Short hair is back in fashion

Short hair is making a strong comeback amongst women this year. The short hairstyles are going to be more fashionable than ever before. If you are tired of washing, curling, straightening and styling your long hair on the regular basis, then you can think about a dramatic hairstyle change i.e. chopping your hair short. Short hair can provide the touch of freshness and youth to your look.

Great short hair trends for women in 2016

There are countless short haircut options available for women. You can choose any haircut from chin-length pixie to shoulder length bob and everything in-between. Take sneak peek over below mentioned trendiest short hairstyles:

#1: One-sided bob

One-sided bob is a stunning haircut, which has already made its comeback this year. This chic haircut is for ladies who are ready for a dramatic change in their look. One-sided bob looks equally good on blonde and brunette hair.

#2: Short Haircut Bursting With Color

Have you ever imagined layered short haircut? If so, then you can actually get that layered look in short hair. The idea is to color different layers of hair with different colors. This makes the hair appear layered.

#3: Shoulder length bob

Shoulder length bob is a sensational hairstyle. In fact, every girl should try shoulder length bob at least once in a lifetime. This hairstyle is perfect for females of all ages. Just choose the right hairstylist for short haircut.

#4: Messy short haircut

Messy short haircut can be amazingly chic and attractive, especially if you do not get too much time for hairstyling in the morning, before going to work.

If you think that short haircuts are manly, then think again!

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