Which is the best hair straightening treatment?

Which is the best hair straightening treatment?

Hair SmootheningThankfully, women who are not blessed with straight hair can now opt for permanent hair straightening treatment to get dreamy hair. Many hair salons are actively offering permanent hair straightening services these days. The hair salons claim to straight, even naturally curly hair. Though permanent hair straightening treatments are pricy, is a worthwhile investment. Chemicals are used to remove wavy curls from hair.  These treatments can provide silky straight hair, which can remain straight for months.

Which Hair Straightening Treatment Is Right For You?

There are many hair straightening methods available these days, from Brazilian blowout to Japanese thermal reconditioning, from keratin straightening to hair smoothening. If you are planning to chemically straighten your hair but unable to choose one hair straightening treatment, then check out the below mentioned information to find the best, most convenient and cost effective hair straightening treatment:

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment is an effective and innovative hair straightening method. This treatment can eliminate the curl and frizz from hair. In this treatment, hair is coated with keratin solution and sealed with a flat iron. Chemically induced keratin alters the shape and texture of hair. The end result of keratin treatment is frizz-free, smooth hair with radiant shine!

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening is a thermal reconditioning method. In this treatment, hair is treated with chemicals that breakdown the protein bond of hair. The end result of this treatment is pin-straight hair.

Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is apt for girls who have naturally curly hair and want shiny-sleek hair. In this treatment, a chemical formula is used to break the hair bonds. After that neutralizers are used to restructure the hair bonds. The existing curly bonds are broken and new bonds are formed that rearrange the physical structure of the hair.

Hair Smoothening

Hair smoothening is quite similar to keratin treatment. Instead of keratin, various creams are used to straight the frizzy hair. This treatment can smoothen out the frizzy hair and make the hair much more manageable and straight. Hair smoothening treatment varies salon to salon. It is important to choose the good hair smoothening salon.

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