Should You Highlight or Get Single Process Color?

Should You Highlight or Get Single Process Color?

e0015Hair color can bring dramatic change to your appearance. Hair coloring not only make your hair look more beautiful, but it also covers the gray hair and let you age gracefully. This is the reason why many women want to change their hair color.  When it comes to hair coloring, you basically have three options –single process hair color, double process hair color and highlights. You have to be very careful while choosing a hair color method to get the desired look.

Difference between hair coloring and hair highlighting

Hair coloring is a process in which color is applied on complete head hair. In this process, your hair will be spaced out to provide different hair color to your entire head. It means your natural hair color will get overlapped by a brand new hair color.

On the other hand, hair highlighting is a process in which only a few hair will get a different color. It means you can enjoy snazzy hair color as well as keep your natural hair color. Generally, highlights are lighter than the natural color of your hair. Highlights provide a new dimension to your hair. Highlighting is a type of hair coloring.

Hair coloring is more expensive as compared to hair highlighting. Hair coloring necessitates regular touchups. Highlighting does not require regular touch-ups. You can re-highlight your hair whenever you feel that your highlights are gone.

To Color or to Highlight hair

If base color of your hair is great, you can boldly opt for highlights. Highlights will enhance the beauty of your natural hair color. The highlights look best when the hair color artist mixes at least two different shades. Ask for more highlights around your face, as lighter colors can brighten your complexion. Creative hairstylists make layers of highlights to create tonal variations. They make use of light, medium and dark shades to produce depth and translucence in the hair.

You can experiment with highlights, as highlights are easy to change and they do not bring drastic change in your appearance. While hair color should be chosen wisely, because hair color correction is a long, tiring and expensive process.

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