Things to Do After Removing Hair Extensions

Things to Do After Removing Hair Extensions

After wearing your human hair extensions for the recommended period, you need to take it out in the right way. The process of removing the hair extensions should be done as gently as possible to avoid damaging your hair. In this article, we tell you how to take care of your hair after removing the extensions. It’s crucial to allow your hair time to breathe for some time. You can consult the hair extensions stylist on how long you can stay without wearing extensions. Develop good hair extensions habit, and that will ensure your hair remains healthy.

Why You Should Remove Hair Extensions Keenly

  • Avoid hair damage

Yanking out hair extensions will damage your hair. The hair extensions should be removed gently to avoid damaging your hair. If you are wearing permanent hair extensions its best to visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist remove the extension.

  • Take care of the hair extensions

Human hair extensions may last more than one wear, and it’s important to ensure they are removed and cleaned properly. The wrong removal process will cause damage to the extension.

Things to Do After You Remove Hair Extensions

  • Detangle your hair

After taking out your hair extensions, you can expect your hair to shed off a little. Before you comb your hair with a comb, run your fingers through and detangle it. Using your fingers will ensure that you don’t pull or yank your hair while combing it. When you finish detangling with your fingers, use a wide comb to comb your hair.

  • Condition your hair

Shampoo your hair with a moisturizer and then apply conditioner. You can comb your hair after saturating it with conditioner. Comb gently beginning at the top as you move downwards. Let the conditioner stay on the hair and then rinse it.

You should also deep condition your hair to keep it moisturized. After removal of the extensions its best to have your hair taken care of at the hair extensions salon. Let the hair stylist take care of your hair so that they can assess the state of your hair and determine which process works for you.

  • Trim the ends

Visit the hair salon after removing the hair extensions and let the stylist trim your hair to avoid developing split ends. Although it’s rare to have split ends while you are wearing hair extensions its best to have the hairstylist check your hair and determine whether to trim the ends or not.

  • Give your hair time to breathe

It’s tempting to fix hair extensions as soon as you remove them. However, it’s important to let your hair breathe. While wearing extensions a certain amount of pressure is placed on the scalp, and also the weight of the extensions. Give your scalp and hair some time to breathe. Look for hairstyles you can rock after removing the extensions to allow your hair time breathe and that will ensure your scalp and hairline are healthy

  • Develop a hair regimen

Make sure you have a good hair care routine depending on the state of your hair. Visit the hair straightening salon and consult on how best to take care of your hair. Make sure you have the right products and accessories to use on your hair. Don’t use the same products you were using while wearing extensions. Get products to nourish and protect your hair even as you give it time to breathe.

Hair loss Vs. Hair Shedding

When you remove hair extensions from your hair, you will notice that your hair sheds. Because you had your hair covered it doesn’t go through the daily hair shedding and it’s normal to see some hair falling off after you remove the extension. Hair shedding happens evenly and doesn’t leave patches

Hair loss is when you lose hair in parts of your head especially the hairline. If you wear hair extensions that are too tight, that may lead to hair loss.

Hair extensions removal is an important process that most people don’t give much attention to, however its crucial to remove extensions in the right way. It’s best to visit the hair extensions salon Rockville and let he stylist remove the extension. The stylist will also be able to assess your hair and determine how to take care of it.

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