Tips on How to Curl Your Hair without Any Heat

Tips on How to Curl Your Hair without Any Heat

Curls are among the unique hairstyles people know about, and it looks amazing on any hair texture, length, and color. Curling wands and flat irons help your best friends make their tresses curly and become luscious ringlets. Sometimes, it is expensive. Being frequently exposed to high temperatures from heat styling tools, which is often up to 450 degrees. It could lead to heat damage and disrupt curl patterns. Heatless techniques to curl hair save the day because it is as efficient without exposing your hair to heat.

You can try a balayage salon if you want to put highlights on your curls. If you want to learn more about these tips, you should read on.

Use Rollers

Have you seen hair rollers in the past? Those rollers were the main thing in the past if people wanted to have curly hair before the hairdryer was invented, and they are still useful today. You should shower, wait until your hair is about 80% dry, and roll it up in your hair roller sections. Wrap your hair in a scarf or sheet to make sure that it will stay together, and then sleep. During the morning, you need to undo the curls and comb through them by using your fingers so they will separate.

Bathrobe Curling

This hairstyle with no heat is now a popular trend and it is a style people love. You only need a bathrobe and a bit of patience. You should start applying hair curl cream, which locks in moisture and repairs the broken ends. You can place the bathrobe tie on your head so that it will come down on both sides of your ears. After that, divide your hair in the middle, and then twist each side around the bathrobe tie. Secure the sides, using an elastic, and leave it there overnight. When you remove the tie in the morning, you will have gorgeous loose curls.

Velcro Rollers

If you want big, glamorous, and voluminous curls without using heat, you need to go ahead and pull out the big Velcro rollers. Roll damp hair sections from the end to your scalp and then use clips or bobby pins to secure it. You can leave the rollers on until your hair completely dries.

You need to unroll your hair and then run your fingers, and a few drops of honey-infused hair oil so you can separate the curls. You can also use a flexible hold hairspray for more longevity.

Overnight Braids

This is among the simplest ways to achieve loose curls. Before going to bed, you need to shower and allow your hair to dry. After that, put it into loose braids. Then use a wide brush or wide-toothed comb in order to separate the curls. You need to remember to braid close to the bottom right away so you do not have a lot of uncurled hair.

Flexi Rods

A lot of people love this method, and there is a clear reason why. When you use flexible rods, you will get flawless voluminous curls that can last a couple of days when it is properly wrapped up at night. There are also different sizes and lengths, so it is recommended to experiment with a few so you can find the perfect shape. Therefore, you need to apply a lot of styling products, and section off hair pieces to wrap around each flexible rod. Do not remove the rods until your hair is totally dry for the best results.

You can try keratin treatment by hairstylist Potomac anytime if you want shiny hair before curling.


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