Tips to Help Protect Your Hair After Hair Color and Highlights

Tips to Help Protect Your Hair After Hair Color and Highlights

Coloring your hair is an exciting journey but can also be scaring. Hair color and highlights are scaring to most women as they are afraid of the outcome and the thought of hair damage. It’s important that you visit the hair salon specializing in color for a hair assessment before the Coloring your hair and Coloring by a specialist for the best outcome

Tips to Keep your Hair Color for Longer

  • Before Hair Coloring

Prepare your Hair

If you want the best results after hair coloring then you need to start preparing your hair. Visit the best hair color salon and let the hair stylist analyze and assess your hair. Begin applying oil and hair mask before the actual Coloring takes place. Trim your hair to remove any split ends and avoid heating tools weeks before the hair color and highlights are done. Proper hair care prior to the Coloring will prevent hair damage.

Research on How You Want Your Hair to Look like

Your hair stylist will advise you on the best color to apply your hair. Take pictures of the hair outcome you want to the hair salon specializing in color and that will ensure the stylist is ready before you the actual date.

Follow the Instructions Given by the Hairstylist

Find the top-rated hair stylist and consult on how best to take care of your hair before Coloring. Its imperative that you follow the instruction given by the stylist. The right regimen will ensure your hair is healthy enough before the Coloring and after color application. Before leaving the hair salon, make sure you understand how to take care of your color treated hair.

After Applying Hair Color

Wait for 3 days Before Washing your Hair

Once the hair color has been applied your hair stylist will tell you to wait for 3 days before washing. Don’t be tempted to wash the hair as that will cause color bleeding and the color will not last. Once the three days are over, oil your hair as that will form a protective shaft as you shampoo your hair.

Get the Right Products for your Hair

Your hair after Coloring is vulnerable and can easily get damaged. Invest in good products to ensure that color last. After the three days wash your hair with sulfate free shampoos and conditioner to avoid drying out your hair. Choose products that will keep your color from fading.

Avoid High Water Temperature

Washing your hair with hot water opens your hair cuticles and that will cause the color to wash out. Wash your hair with slightly warm water and rinse off with cold water. Cold water will help seal the moisture and prevent your hair from fading.

Wash Hair Less often

Avoid washing your hair every day as that will reduce hair color lifespan. Washing hair every day will strip your natural hair of its natural oils making it dry and brittle. Wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks. When not washing your hair use a dry color safe dry shampoo. The dry shampoo will keep your hair refreshed and ensure your scalp is clean.

Prepare your Hair Before You Swim

Chlorine will weaken the hair and lead to hair discoloration. Before you take that dip to visit the hairstylist for leave in conditioner or oil that will protect your hair from discoloring. Wear a swimming cap before you get into the pool. Condition your hair after the swim to avoid damage.

Trim your Hair Often

To maintain healthy hair after Coloring trims your hair regularly to enhance hair growth. split ends and damaged ends will cause hair color to fade fast so make sure you trim your hair at least once every 8 weeks.

Protect your Hair

When walking in the sun cover your hair with a hat to protect it from the harsh UV rays.

Visit the hair salon specializing in Color Regularly for refresh up

If you choose to apply red color or any other bright colors you may need to refresh your hair color more often. Visit the top-rated hair salon and let the hair stylist refresh your color to keep it looking fresh until it grows out.

Eat healthily

A healthy diet will keep your hair healthy. Ensure that you take foods that aid in hair growth.

To get the best outcome to visit the hair color and highlight salon Rockville and let the top-rated hair stylist apply the hair color. Follow the instructions given by the stylist on how to take care of your hair and you will enjoy hair color for long.

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