What hair color is best for my skin tone?

What hair color is best for my skin tone?

When the urge comes over us to change our hair color, the first question we must ask is: what is the best hair color to match my skin tone?  Depending on your complexion, some hair color ideas may work and some may not.  First, you should determine whether your skin tone is cool or warm.  People with warm skin tones usually naturally have red hair color, ash brown hair color or strawberry blonde hair color.  People with warm skin tones should aim for blonde hair color such as copper, ginger, and various strawberry shades.  A couple currently very popular shades are chestnut hair color, auburn hair color and caramel hair color.  On the other hand, people with cool skin tones usually naturally have chocolate brown hair color, or other darker shades.  If you have a cool skin tone, you should generally stick to darker brown hair colors or red hair colors such as burgundy.

It is also important to consider whether you want temporary hair color or semi permanent hair color.  You can find some of the best semi permanent hair colors at our Maryland salon that will last for months.  If you want your hair color to last longer and fade out more naturally, salon hair color is recommended over do-it-yourself foam hair color methods.  If you would rather have non-permanent hair color that doesn’t last as long as salon color, you can find many inexpensive colors at your local drugstore or supermarket.  You can be your own stylist with the tips we’ve given you!  However, for the best, most long-lasting hair color, come in to Moses salon and get your hair treated with the best hair color products around.  Our professional staff are also experts in hair color for men and covering up gray hair color with more youthful shades.  To see some examples of our hair color work, visit the portfolio section of our website and view the many hair color pictures.  If you like what you see, give us a call today at 301-468-2979 or 301-526-9696 to schedule your appointment!

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