What kind of hair extensions should I get?

What kind of hair extensions should I get?

Hair extensions are one of our most popular services.  We offer several different options, all of which are very popular with our clients.  Our first option is a brand of European hair extensions by Paris Hilton, DreamCatchers.  These extensions are very versatile and are made from the softest European hair.  They are very easy to perm, highlight and dye.  These long-lasting real human hair extensions are a top choice at hair extension salons everywhere.  Other than DreamCatchers, we offer a wide variety of other European hair extensions.  All European hair extensions at Moses are guaranteed 100% natural hair extensions.  Whether you are looking for curly hair extensions, blond hair extensions, long hair extensions, colored hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions or micro bead hair extensions, European extensions are always a good way to go.

Another popular type of hair extensions are SO.CAP hair extensions.  Moses has been certified as a SO.CAP Hair Extensions Trainer and swears by these natural hair extensions because of their strong bond, which lasts between three and six months.  These extensions are deeply enriched with keratin protein and are a great choice for anyone interested in luxurious hair extensions.  The hair extension supplies provided by SO.CAP offer many different varieties of affordable hair extensions in dozens of different colors.  If the cost of hair extensions is something you would like to research before making your decision, give us a call today at 301.468.3600.  It can be hard to find cheap human hair extensions that will not damage your hair, so if you do proper research before you get your extensions you can be sure you will be satisfied with the results.  Meet with one of our stylists today and they can answer more questions you may have about clip in hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions or hair extension prices.

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