Why is Balayage Hair Popular

Why is Balayage Hair Popular

You will easily fall in love with Balayage because it is hand-painted highlights and seamless hair color, and it adds beauty when your hair looks sun-kissed. The effect of balayage is beautifully done and many people desire that look. Balayage comes from the French word, “bilayer” and it means “to sweep.” The name refers to how the color is applied and not its color. The nice thing about balayage is its natural look and it can only be achieved by hand-painting the hair using a brush. Balayage is popular since the end result is natural-looking, and the contrasting stripes are lesser compared to traditional highlights.

If you want to find out more about why Balayage is popular, you should read on.

They are Easy on the Hair

With balayage highlights, spending on it goes a long way. Instead of coloring all your hair, the stylist strategically places a hand-painted hair lightener on different areas of your hair that instantly brightens your hair and complexion. Applying balayage along your hairline, on the top of your head, and around the face produces instant transformation to your hair with a light impact on your hair.

It is Customized

You know that it beautifully fits when they measure your hair and design it individually. Balayage is made to tailor fit you. Your hair length, texture, and color are used as the basis for the choice of hair color, gradation, and even application. Balayage is customized so that it suits you and your hair. No 2 styles of balayage look exactly the same. That is because the different features of people affect their balayage hair pattern. If you want to look for reasons to switch, this is one of them.

Balayage Hair is Economical

Since balayage highlights look so natural on your hair, they are often designed to mimic the effect of summer on the beach. That means you can just let them grow naturally, without having to do frequent touch-ups. Some balayage hair highlights may only require touching up 2 to 4 times yearly. When you want to already, you can just touch up the highlights that are already there or you can change up and have new highlights added like different colors or placement patterns.


Balayage is nothing new, but its trend has lasted for years. It was the Kardashians who brought it to the limelight. As the days go by, balayage has gained more popularity. Different people are into wearing balayage hair. If you look for the “balayage” hashtag, more than 20 million results will show up. It can be said that balayage is modern, stylish, and fashionable in terms of hair color choice. Therefore, you should get on the trend and do the switch because you are not going to regret it.

Makes Fine Hair Look Thicker

Balayage highlights give a full illusion because they are adding dimension to the overall color of your hair. Since the hair lightener causes the hair shaft surface to expand so you can allow the formula to penetrate your hair, the highlights will increase your hair’s diameter, which makes it look thicker.

It is for Any Occasion

Some hair colors can only suit certain occasions and seasons. It is not the same with balayage hair. Balayage hair is going to look beautiful anytime, anywhere. Whether it is a professional or casual occasion. Balayage hair looks natural and it effortlessly blends with light and dark colors without the harsh lines. You will see how natural-looking balayage hair is, which is why it is perfect for any event.

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