Your Guide To Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Your Guide To Nano Tip Hair Extensions

We all love hair extensions. They’re perfect for every day as well as any special occasion if you want your hair to look and feel voluminous and lengthy. There many types of hair extensions you can get from salons that do hair extensions. An excellent type is nano tip hair extensions. Below is what you should know about nano tip hair extensions.

What Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

Nano tip hair extensions are just like any other hair extensions, but the tips of these extensions have rings that are used to secure the strands of the hair.

Nano tip hair extensions are a relatively newer and easier way to get volume and length in the hair. You might think that these extensions are the same as micro ring extensions. However, the ring in nano tip hair extensions is even smaller, making it easier to blend in with the rest of the hair. So, they are like upgraded micro ring extensions.

How Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions Applied

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply nano tip hair extensions on your hair:

  1. First, you’ll need to start with freshly washed and dried hair. If there’s product build-up in the scalp, then these extensions won’t stay put.
  2. Now, sections are made on the hair. With nano tip hair extensions, there is no need for super elaborate sections because you can get away with putting these extensions on and they still won’t get noticed. Make two sections on either side of the head and two on the back part of your head as these places are where you need the most volume.
  3. Starting with one section and keeping an inch-wide gap from the scalp, loop the nano bead through a thin looping tool onto the hair.
  4. Next, take a nano tip hair extension weft apply it on the bead and secure it in place with small pliers.
  5. Repeat the same process with the next section until you have the desired number of wefts on your hair.

Benefits Of Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Here are some great qualities of nano tip hair extensions:

They’re Natural

Nano tip hair extensions are the most natural type of extensions even more than micro ring extensions. This is because the bonding of the extensions is so small that it easily gets buried under the hair and there’s no bulkiness. Therefore, unlike clip-in and tape-in hair extensions, nano tip hair extensions are pretty easy to conceal in thinner hair.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t have thick hair to begin with, you can go for nano tips. They will give you the volume your heart desires without making your hair look fake.

You Can Sport Any Hairstyle

This is a problem with most extensions and it’s the fact that you can’t sport any hairstyles whilst wearing extensions. You don’t want the bond or clips to peek out and it’s just always a constant worry in the back of your head. With nano tip hair extensions, this is not a problem.

You can wear your hair up, down, in a braid or bun – any hairstyle without worrying about the extensions peeking out of the mane. Because these extensions are so small and unnoticeable, you can get away with rocking your hair in any hairstyle you want.

They Last For A Long Time

Nano tip hair extensions are also known as semi-permanent hair extensions. These hair extensions can last for weeks on the mane given that you maintain them properly. Usually, with other types of hair extensions, you need to constantly worry about the bond and whether or not it’s getting manipulated.

Also, after a certain time window, hair extensions can get loose and you eventually need to remove them. This is not an issue with nano tip hair extensions. They can last up to 6 months on the hair without having to tighten them. They do need maintenance though, otherwise, they will be become visible and might also damage your hair.

Easy Application

Nano tip hair extensions might seem pretty hard to apply because of the bead and ring bonding, but it’s very easy. Yes, you’ll need to get it done professionally, but it will be done much quickly compared to other extension application processes.

Since the section-making is pretty easy too, you will be in and out of the salon in an hour to 90 minutes max. Nano tip hair extensions are innovating the game of regular hair extensions and women are loving the results.

Downsides Of Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Here are some downsides of nano tip hair extensions:

They’re Expensive

This one might not come as a surprise, but it’s still quite a bummer. Nano tip hair extensions are great, but they will also greatly affect your wallet. Because these extensions are made with so much care, and real hair is used to make every single weft, they’re going to cost you a lot.

If you think about it, getting nano tip hair extensions once will be the same as getting regular extensions twice or thrice. So, if you do the math, then nano tip extensions are worth giving a shot because even though they are pricey, they will also last you a long time.

Not For All Hair Types

If you’ve got very straight and oily hair, then these extensions might not be for you. Nano tip hair extensions rely on the force of friction in the strands to stay put and not slip off. If your hair is very thin and silky, then the bead won’t have any grip and it will eventually slide off.

These extensions work great for hair textures that are bit wavy, coarse, or dense. This allows the bead to be secured on the hair for longer.

They Need Maintenance

Even though nano tip extensions are somewhat permanent, they need to stay that way and that’s only possible through maintenance. This might be the first time you’ve heard about hair extension maintenance, but it’s true. Nano tip hair extensions need to be tightened every 8 weeks to ensure that they stay concealed and secured on the head. If you don’t maintain them properly, then they will eventually get loose and fall off.

Keep in mind that the binding force is the clamp that secures the extension with the bead. So, you need to tighten it from time to time to ensure that the extensions stay secured and concealed.

The Ring Is Exposed

Nano tip hair extensions might last long, but that does not mean that they are not susceptible to damage. Like any other hair extension, nano tips are also exposed to shampoos, oils, treatments, and other things you put on the mane. The ring is exposed at all times and over time, this can cause it to corrode and break and you know what that means. This is why it’s recommended that you be careful around the scalp area, where the rings are secured because they can get damaged.


Nano tip hair extensions are quite possibly the most natural types of hair extensions out there. They are the perfect blend of instant volume and natural looks. The next time you go to a hair extensions salon Potomac, check out nano hair extensions.

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