A Guide to Men’s HairPieces

A Guide to Men’s HairPieces

Hairpieces for men will enable you to replace your lost hair easily. If you are suffering from hair loss due genetic traits, chronic illness, stress and poor diet then you need not worry how to deal with your balding head. There are different kind of hair pieces for men and it’s paramount that you speak to your top-rated hair stylist on which one works best for you.

How the HairPieces system are made

The hair system base is made of a mesh or polymer or a combination of the two. The mesh base is made of nylon or polyester and they create a natural appearance.

  • Mesh Base systems

Advantages of mesh fabric system

Undetectable and natural look

Light in weight


Doesn’t last for long due to reaction with body acids and delicate

Requires replacement often

  • Polymer Base systems

The polymers are made of silicone or polyurethane.

Advantages of Polymers

Less Expensive than meshes


Easy to attach

Disadvantages of Polymers base systems

In the hot weather, they are uncomfortable

Less natural

How Hairpieces are attached

  • Semi-permanent

The hairpieces require a hair stylist to remove them once after every two months. They are fixed on the scalp using a liquid adhesive

  • Permanent Hair Pieces

The hairpiece is attached using a double-sided tape. The hair piece can be removed any time and then reattach it.

  • Clip Attachment

It’s fixed using metal clips that have been attached to the underside of the hairpiece. The clips are then fastened to your hair.

Advantages of Hairpieces system

  • No pain as the method doesn’t require any surgery and it’s therefore painless
  • The result can be seen in a short time
  • Affordable than surgery
  • Anyone can use the hairpieces system

Disadvantages of Hairpiece for men

  • Requires more maintenance as compared to natural hair.Visit your hair stylist for tips on the hairpieces maintenance
  • The hair system may affect the remaining hair causing more hair loss
How to Take Care of Hair Piece for Men
  • Shampoo and condition your hairpiece at least once a week
  • If you are going to take that dive into the swimming pool, apply conditioner on the hair pieces and the take the swim. That will help the hair not to became dehydrated. Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures
  • Comb the hair with a large toothed comb to keep the hair from detangling.
  • Ensure that you keep the hairpiece clean.
  • After washing let the hairpiece dry o its own. Don’t squeeze or dry it in the sun
  • If you take showers in the hairpiece avoid rubbing it with a towel, to avoid tangling. Press the hairpiece gently to remove the water
  • Visit your hair salon for removal to avoid damaging your hair.

Hairpieces are one of the best non-surgical hair replacement for men and proper care of the hair systems will ensure that they last longer. If you are unsure of any maintenance process, visit your hair stylist as often as possible.

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