Beginners Guide to Hair Color and Highlights

Beginners Guide to Hair Color and Highlights

The decision to colour your hair can be terrifying and brings with it a million other questions on what colour one should use and what will happen in case you need to remove the hair colour and highlights. There are a lot of other concerns one goes through such as what happens if the colour results don’t impress you. It’s therefore imperative that you have as much knowledge as possible before you take the plunge.

Things You Should Know Before  Hair Coloring and Highlights

  • Your Hair Salon Expert Is Your Best Friend

If it’s your first time to colour and highlight your hair, your hair stylist will be your biggest asset. Consult and ask all the queries and concerns you have. Get advice on which colours best suit your needs, the look you want to dorn, shade and the technique to use. Research and take photos of what you want to the hair stylist so that they get a general view of what makes you happy. As a beginner Coloring your whole may be scary, and so you can opt for highlights or semi-permanent hair colour for a start.

  • Find the right Color

It’s vital that you choose the hair colour that will work for your hair. You can’t use a darker colour shade and then choose to do lighter hair colour. Trying to lighten dark will only make it darker and only becomes lighter with time. You need to be sure which colour and highlights you want to rock. Seek the assistance of hair specialist if you are not sure what’s best for you. It’s also imperative that you decide how often you want to colour your hair, this will determine how much colour to use on your hair.

  • Hair Color and Highlights require maintenance

Hair colour maintenance will ensure that the colour you choose stays with you longer. It’s critical that you get the right products to maintain the hair moisture, colour, and the texture. Your hair salon will recommend the best products to use daily. Change your conditioner and shampoos to suit the hair colour and highlights and avoid your hair from drying up and becoming abrasive. Ensure you protect your hair from chlorine and direct UV rays. After that beach vacation makes sure, you condition your hair. Use safe colour shampoos, nourish the hair to make sure your hair retains that amazing lustre. Note that light colours will require more upkeep to maintain than other shades.

  • You may need to change your dressing lifestyle

When your colour and highlights, there is a need to complement your hair look with the style and fashion you wear. It’s, therefore, necessary to consider this before you begin the Coloring process. The makeup that would look good on darker shade may not look good on lighter colours.

Colour and Highlights will give that celebrity look you have been dreaming about, but it’s vital that you widely research before you dive into it. Visit the best hair salon for the best results as any wrong technique could result in hair damage and the need to visit your hair colour correction specialist Rockville, MD.

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