What You Need to Know Before Going For a Japanese Hair Straightening

What You Need to Know Before Going For a Japanese Hair Straightening

Are you Struggling with unmanageable and frizzy hair? Japanese hair straightening is a technique that uses chemicals to break hair bonds and give you just what your hair needs. After the chemicals are applied, the hair is straightened using heat to clear the curls. You will need to find a hair salons with experts that offer the hair straightening. Since the process is permanent, its essential to understand what you are diving into and the long-term effects on your hair.

History of Japanese Hair straightening

The process is also known as thermal reconditioning and began in Japan in 1990’s and New York at the beginning of the 20th Century. The process uses heat to ensure that the chemical bonds work perfectly to release the curves and give you straight hair


  • Frizz-free hair with a shiny look
  • Time-saving as the hair requires little management. The hair will dry fast after the procedure is done.

The Process in Brief

  • Visit a hair salon who will give you a detailed description of the process. since the process will alter your hairstyle permanently, ensure that you have all the information.Choose the best Japanese hair straightening salon.
  • The hair stylist will then shampoo your hair and dry
  • After shampooing the chemicals will be applied, followed by ironing and then a neutralizer is applied to balance the hair ph.
  • The stylist will then blow dry the hair. Before the blow dry, make sure that the stylist applies a heat protector and conditioning.

Taking care of Hair after the Japanese Hair straightening

After the hair straightening has been done, you need to keep the hair dr for three days and no strain on the hair. Any pressure on the hair may cause the hair to have curls which may not go away

Avoid this treatment if
  • You would like to change your hairstyle often
  • The hair straightening treatment is not ideal for delicate tresses, as the chemical and heat will lead to further damage
Other Tips
  • Make sure that the hair stylist performs a strand test on your hair before, to see how your hair reacts
  • Ensure that an expert does the treatment otherwise, that can ruin your hair.
  • The Japanese hair straightening is not ideal for colored hair as this will damage the hair
  • Don’t add any additional chemicals to your hair that will lead to damage
  • Keep the hair moisturized once the hair the treatment is done

Japanese Hair straightening Rockville will give your hair a straight look you have been dreaming about, but it’s important to emphasize that the treatment needs to be done at the hair salon by the experts. Ask all the questions and understand the treatment before you embark on a permanent straight hair.

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