Why You Should Wear Tape in Hair Extension During Summer

Why You Should Wear Tape in Hair Extension During Summer

Summer brings with it dust, dry and hot weather. it’s important to choose the right hair extension for each season. Summer heat and dryness will require a lighter extension that will not result in too much sweat. You will also require using an extension that doesn’t require too much maintenance to give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors without much care. One of the best hair extensions to wear in summer is tape in hair extensions. Hair dreams hair extension are one of the best types of tape in hair extension

Why Tape in Hair Extensions are the Best Hair Accessory in Summer

  • Light in Weight

During summer you will require a hair extension that doesn’t cause you to sweat excessively. Heavy hair extension will cause the release of more water from the hair resulting in the hair losing more moisture and losing its appeal. Tape in hair extensions are light in weight, and that makes them one of the best accessories to wear during the hot season. The lightweight nature will ensure that they don’t pull your hair and cause damage.

  • Natural Look

Tape in hair extension will give you 100% natural look. They are made of 100% human hair which makes it easy to choose one that easily blends with your hair. The tape will seamlessly blend with your hair and will be invisible. They are thin and when on your hair you hardly feel them.

  • Low Maintenance

It’s easy to take care of tape in hair extension as they don’t pull on their own. They grow as your hair grows. They are sweat-proof and will let you enjoy that workout and swim in the beach without tangling, losing colour or changing the texture. It’s vital that they don’t come into contact with alcohol or sulfates products as that will damage the extension.

  • Easy to wear, Durable and Reusable

Tape in hair extensions will last all summer and can be reused three to four times. Tape in hair extensions is easy to wear and only require a little time to fix. Once you remove the hair extension, you add a new tape and use the extension again. Ensure you visit your hair salon for the best fix.

 Tips for taking Care of Tape in Hair Extensions

  • After application wait for two days before washing the extension to ensure the tape holds completely
  • Wash and condition the hair extension regularly as you would your hair. Avoid using shampoos with alcohol and sulfates.
  • Always brush the hair from front to the bottom
  • Don’t use too much heat on the hair extension
  • Visit your hair extensions salon Rockville MD for advice in case any issue arises
  • While removing the extension, oil hair with extra and give it time to break the adhesive. After that removing the hair extension will be easier
  • After removing the hair extension, deep condition your hair to make sure you leave no glue in your hair.
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