How to Achieve a Glamorous Look With Clip in Extension

How to Achieve a Glamorous Look With Clip in Extension

Are you looking for longer, fuller hair hassle free? Clip in hair extensions are easily attached to your hair to give you instant length and the extra oomph you desire. The extension comes in pieces known as wefts, and you can match them to the color of your hair making them appear natural and undetectable. The hair extensions are sturdy, and the clips have silicon to ensure they are secure. The kind of extension to use depends on the color you want to wear and the thickness. The extension is either synthetic or human hair extension.

Why wear the clip in Hair Extension

·         Length

If you are looking for long and thick hair with hustle free, then the extensions will work for you.

·         After a Hair Cut

If you have cut your hair short, and it feels odd, then the hair extension will be ideal. The extension will give your hair time to regrow.

·         Colour

If you are Looking to change the monotonous hair color, then the hair extension will be the perfect solution as they let you experiment with color.

·         Volume

The extension will give you a fuller look in case you are dealing with hair loss

·         Give your hair a break

The extension will give your hair the much-deserved space to regrow and avoid damage to hair

·         Style

Wearing the extension adds an exciting twist to your hair look

·         Hair Accessory

You can use the hair extension as an accessory but make a unique band for your hair.

·         Easy to use

The extension is easy to clip in and use

Factors to consider when choosing the Hair Extension
·         Length

Depending on the style you are looking to achieve choose the right length

·         Shade

Depending on what color you want to shade to achieve, select the shade that conceals your hair perfectly

·         Synthetic or Human Hair Extension

Synthetic hair will not blend easily with your hair, and it’s cheaper while Human hair blends in easily and is more expensive

Tips you Should know when choosing Hair Extensions

Using a darker shade of the extension will give a perfect blend of your hair. Match the extension to the roots of your hair.

Taking Care of the Clip in extension
Shampoo and condition the extension as you would hair. Ensure you follow the extension cleaning guide. After the wash, air dry the extension or use tongs. In case you feel you want to experiment with the color you can dye the extension.

To get the best outcome with the extension visit your hair extension salon Potomac. The extension experts will guide you on how best to clip the extension to make sure that is well stuck, they will advise you on the best color match.

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