How to Protect Your Hair from Damage While Wearing Hair Extensions

How to Protect Your Hair from Damage While Wearing Hair Extensions

Most women dream of long fuller hair that is hassle-free to maintain. They want hair that resembles a certain celebrity, but they don’t have the facts on how to avoid the hair damage that results from wearing an extension which in turn becomes disappointing and frustrating. The damage that results  from wearing poor hair extension  quality, poor application process and poor maintenance

Its possible to achieve your celebrity hair looks and reap the benefits of hair extensions without damaging your hair. It’s imperative to visit a hair extension salon near you to get expert advice and services on the best way to wear an extension.

Ways to Protect your Hair from Damage while Wearing Extensions

  • Choose Extensions that are lighter than your hair

Hair Extensions that are heavier than your hair will tug your hair down along the hairline and cause breakage. When wearing extensions like clip extension ensure that its light in weight to avoid stressing your hairline and causing hair thinning.

  • Remove the Extensions with care

Carefully remove the extension especially if they integrate with your hair to avoid hair damage. Don’t yank the extension out of your head as this will automatically damage your hair strands. Visit your hair specialist to help remove the extension carefully without damaging the hair.

  • Give your hair a break

Wearing extensions for long will make the hairline weak eventually causing hair thinning and loss. To ensure your grows back to give your hair a break and if you are wearing clip in extensions remove them while sleeping. Remove and replace the extensions often to avoid traction alopecia

  • Avoid Excess heat

Using heat frequently to style your extension will eventually catch up to your hair and cause breakage. It’s ideal to style the extensions before attaching them to the hair.

How to Take care of Your Damaged Hair After removing Hair Extensions

  • Treat your Hair with Sulfate-free shampoos

To remove oil build-up and other products from your hair use shampoo which doesn’t contain sulfate as part of the ingredients. Visit the hair extension salon near you and consult your hair specialist for advice on the best products. Deep condition using protein treatment after shampooing to help the hair regain its strength.

  • Take supplements and Ensure you eat well-balanced meals

Taking a break from wearing extension is necessary, but also a balanced diet will ensure your hair regrows back from inside out. Take enough water to stay hydrated and vitamins that mainly help hair growth.

  • Groom the hair Properly

Gently comb through hair using wide tooth combs to avoid straining the hair more. Ensure that the hair is tangle free and then apply conditioner. Use the least harsh method while styling your hair. Wear hair back as headbands and ribbons may pull the hair more.

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