How to Get Alluring and Freeze Free Hair Using Brazilian Keratin Treatment

How to Get Alluring and Freeze Free Hair Using Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Hair is the crowning glory of a woman, and most women long to have long freeze free and silky hair. It’s, however, a very elusive desire that most women go out of their way to solve. Brazilian keratin treatment will give you that wish as it’s one of the best hair treatment that will ensure you achieve long straighter and smoother hair. Naturally, the hair has its own keratin but they are easily depleted and damaged by harsh treatment leaving the hair strands weak and brittle. Depletion of the keratin makes the hair lose its appeal and became crinkly. The treatment will ensure that the hair regains its strength and shine by rebuilding the hair cortex.

Applying the Keratin Treatment

The application process starts by shampooing and conditioning your hair a week before the application of the treatment. Then the liquid keratin and preservative are applied to the hair with a hot iron. After application ensure that the hair does not come into contact with water or does not crease. To get the best results visit a Brazilian keratin salon and the experts will take you through the sealing process. It’s also paramount to visit the salon as they will be able to assess your hair and advice accordingly.

Why the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

  • Bid goodbye to crinkly and damaged hair

The treatment will ensure that your hair regains its allure and strength. The sealing process will ensure that your hair is not prone to split ends and is not brittle as it retains enough moisture.The treatment also gives the hair time to grow.

  • Convenience

After the treatment, it becomes easier to manage your hair. The treatment will last for approximately three to six months giving your hair the care it needs and you get the liberation to do nothing to your hair while rushing off to meetings.

  • Cost-effective

The treatment saves on the cost of maintaining the hair as it lasts for a period of time and during which there is minimal work on the hair.

Care Tips to ensure the Keratin treatment lasts longer

  • Ensure the hair doesn’t get wet for three days after Brazilian keratin treatment to ensure that your hair soaks well in the keratin. During this period don’t use any hair products for best results
  • Visit a Brazilian keratin salon for best results and advice on the product to use. It’s crucial that you use the right products and process to avoid further damage and weak strands to your hair.
  • Minimize the number of times you wash the hair after the treatment. During wash days, use sulfate and sodium free shampoos. Use shampoos that work well with keratin.
  • Applying keratin for longer time span will improve the hair quality.
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