Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair extension For Long

Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair extension For Long

Hair extension will give you a look you desire and also ease your hair maintenance. It’s therefore essential to invest in a maintenance regimen that will ensure they maintain their appeal for long. Different kinds of hair extension require different maintenance, but all hair extensions require basic maintenance. It’s important to note that extensions don’t have any oils and therefore a good regimen is important. Take care of the extension from day one, as that will make sure the extension retains allure all through

Kinds of hair extensions

  • Human hair extension
  • Synthetic hair extension
  • Clip in hair extension
  • Tape in Hair extension

 How to Keep your extension looking New every Time

  • Keep your extension clean and untangled by taking care of it daily.
  • Its imperative to come up with a daily care procedure for your extension to ensure it remains tangle free. Brush the extension on a regular basis as this will keep it tangle free. Just like a natural, if the extension remains unbrushed it will tangle.
  • Avoid brushing the hair extension when its wet as this weakens the hair strands. Brush the extension gently from the base upwards. Dry the hair extension naturally and then brush it
  • Cover your extension while sleeping.  Don’t sleep in removable hair extensions. It’s Important to cover the extension with headgear as you sleep to avoid tangling. Hold it up to  and make sure  it adequately covered
  • Invest in some quality hair products to make sure you retain the extension look. Avoid too much use of hair products as that will clog and eventually cause tangling.
  • Use a wide-toothed brush to keep the extension from tangling.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible while styling as that reduces the lifespan of your extension.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sweat and chlorinated water as this will tangle the hair.
  • Wash your hair extension using the correct method, but don’t over wash it. Ensure you use the proper aftercare for your hair.
  • Ensure you regularly condition and shampoo your hair extension. Use oil-based products in moderation to keep your hair hydrated. Use sulfate free shampoos to avoid the extension from frizzling, make sure that the shampoo hydrates the extension.
  • Clean and detangle the extension before storing it a box with a seal.
  • Visit the hair extension salon for further advice on how best to take care of the weave depending on which extension you are using. Have the hair stylist check your extension often.

It’s important to visit your hair salon and ask your hair salons on how to take care of the kind of extension you are wearing as the above are essential caring tips. The life of your extension depends on how you will take care it. Once you get the proper care tip, then you can be sure you will look like a celebrity for longer.

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